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Ambry Of Maintenance

When cleaning and wiping the countertop of the kitchen cabinet, avoid leaving water on the countertop of kitchen cabinet for a long time. Regardless of any material, long-term exposure to water will reduce its service life. Use a damp cloth to remove oily fume stains in time, while old dirt needs special treatment with detergent.
Metal materials and natural stones of kitchen cabinet are easy to clean and durable. You can clean them with a dry soft cloth at ordinary times. However, the soft cloth must be clean and must be wiped in the direction to avoid scratches on the kitchen cabinet. 

Ambry Of Maintenance

The surface of the door panel should be protected from scratches by sharp objects and moisture, and water drops should not fall on the door panel of kitchen cabinet for a long time to prevent soaking the door panel; Cleaning agent and soap solution can be used for wiping, and thinner and alcohol should not be used. If there is something sticky on the kitchen cabinet door panel, you can wipe it gently with maintenance cleaning wax; If necessary, use a small amount of alcohol (alcohol can not be used for paint door panels of kitchen cabinet) to wipe the door panels with cotton cloth or towels, and do not use steel balls; It is absolutely forbidden to contact the kitchen cabinet door panel with corrosive agents such as concentrated acid and alkali. 

Ambry Of Maintenance

Wipe the pull-out basket accessories in the kitchen cabinet with a dry cloth to avoid water marks on the surface caused by water droplets. The maintenance of the kitchen cabinet is easy to be overlooked. In fact, a well-maintained kitchen cabinet is the least likely to be damaged.
No matter which kind of material that kitchen cabinet is used, after each use and cooking, the surface of range hood, gas stove, wall tile and kitchen cabinet countertop should be cleaned in time, and the used utensils and condiments should be cleaned and put back in place.

Ambry Of Maintenance

Pay attention to whether the position of the laminate clamp (or shelf pin) is correct on the kitchen cabinet shelf. Try to put heavy objects in the lower shelf kitchen cabinet, while light objects, such as seasoning cans and glasses, should be placed in the upper shelf of kitchen cabinet. Clean utensils should be put in after being wiped dry.

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