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Preparatory Work

Cleaning: take protective measures for the kitchen, and simply clean the hanging cloth and the kitchen wall so as to accurately measure the ground level.
Materials: Including cabinet panels and door panels, they are the most important materials for kitchen cabinet. In the process of kitchen cabinet installation, many hardware accessories are used, including screws of various sizes, suspending fittings, hinges, handles and adjustable leg.

Install The Base Cabinet

Assembly: Assemble the base cabinets uniformly, move them into the kitchen, put them in good positions according to the drawing sequence, and install the adjustable legs uniformly.
Installation sequence: if there are corner cabinets, they should be installed first, and if there are no corner cabinets, they should be installed from the cabinets against the wall first.
Horizontal adjustment: adjust the levelness of the base cabinet through the adjustable legs of the base cabinet, and keep the error plus or minus 1mm.

Installing The Wall Cabinet

Measurement: determine the distribution position of wires and pipes in the wall, adjust the height of the wall cabinet according to the height of the user, draw a horizontal line, and the distance between the horizontal line and the countertop is 650mm. Users can adjust the distance between base cabinets and wall cabinets according to their own height, for the convenience of future use.
Suspending fittings installation: draw lines for positioning, drill holes in sequence, fix suspending fittings on the wall, and then hang hanging cabinets in sequence, so that the wall cabinet can be simply connected and fixed with the wall surface.

Install The Countertop

Before leaving the factory, the countertop has been cut according to the shape of the base cabinet, so when installing, it only needs to be placed on the corresponding base cabinet. The splicing interface between the two countertops needs to be ground flat with an angle grinder until the splicing interface completely matches. Then pour a proper amount of glue into the joint. After the glue solidifies, polish the excess glue with a grinder.

Install The Door Panel

Hinges are needed to connect door panels and cabinets. Before installation, the hinges should be fixed to the corresponding mounting holes of the doors. Then, correspond the door panels to the cabinet, and keep the lower edge of the door panels flush with the lower edge of the cabinet. And fix the hinge of the door panel to the cabinet with tools. After the door panel is leveled, all hinges are covered with hinge covers. In order to reduce the vibration and noise generated when opening and closing the cabinet door panel, at last, the silencing plastic parts are installed on the door panel.

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