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Founded in 2008, Rosen is a Industry - Trading company specializing in providing a comprehensive range of high quality customized cabinets, furniture, flooring, tiles and any other interior decoration materials. We are based on providing you with the most professional high-quality and cost-effective customized furniture services to meet your high standards of quality needs. From initial procurement of raw materials and production, to container transport, we strictly control every processing steps to eliminate your quality concerns.
Rooted in the most developed Yangtze River Delta region in China, we now have long-term and stable cooperation with five large and medium-sized cabinet processing factories and three countertops processing center. Most of our raw materials and accessories from well-known brands. We provide 10 years warranty on furniture products exported by Rosen.
Today, we have long-term and stable cooperation with large and medium-sized overseas builders and contractors, providing customized cabinets, wardrobes and bathroom cabinets for their projects. In order to meet different needs of our customers, we also have set up a separate purchasing department, dedicated to providing them with all types of construction and decoration materials procurement services.