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Why do kitchen cabinets use melamine board?

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Cabinets are an indispensable kitchen home in modern households, as well as kitchen utensils that we must use in our daily lives. In-home decoration, we often face the problem of buying cabinets, because the price range and the difference are too large, and there are few. Thousands, as many as tens of thousands, but in the actual installation, most people choose melamine kitchen cabinets. Today I will introduce to you why most people use melamine kitchen cabinets.

Here is the content list:

Practical and durable

Economical and durable


Practical and durable

There are various styles of kitchen cabinets on the market, but the base materials of the cabinet panels inside are the same. No matter which brand, they are mainly based on ‍moisture-proof panels, which are used to combat the high humidity and damp-prone phenomenon in the kitchen. Of course, there are also different levels of moisture-proof panels. , The moisture-proof board used by big brands is usually better to ensure brand quality.


As for the kitchen cabinets panels, there are many categories. The most commonly used in the industry is the melamine board. This material is practical, durable, and economical. It is waterproof, non-slip, and not easy to knock, but the disadvantage is in terms of shape. It is not malleable, the door panel is square, relatively monotonous, and the style is not individual. It mainly depends on the color to enrich its look and feel.  

Another type of plastic material that is used more frequently is blister material. Its shape is much richer than that of melamine board, but its price range is large. The high-end price is comparable to solid wood, and the low-end price is comparable to melamine board. Consumers should pay attention to it when purchasing. at this point. Kitchen cabinets are imported from the West. In foreign cabinets, the main door panel materials are also melamine and blister materials, but in China, the door panel materials tend to be diversified. In addition, there are polymer panels, glass panels, lacquered panels, and solid wood.

Economical and durable

Compared with kitchen cabinets made of other materials, melamine kitchen cabinets are cheap, very affordable, and economical. In addition, melamine cabinets ensure the smoothness of the board surface. Compared with blister boards with various door types, it is not easy to be deformed and has good wear resistance and heat resistance. Therefore, if the surface is a little dirty during use and the rag cannot be wiped off, you can directly use the steel ball.


Melamine kitchen cabinets are bright in color, with many optional color papers and many color lines. The effect of the color matching is rich and varied. You can choose the right color according to your favorite or decorative style.

Among the many materials of kitchen cabinets, melamine kitchen cabinets stand out because of their easy care and affordable prices. You can also choose your favorite color to match the kitchen tiles later. Pay attention to the edge sealing when choosing melamine board, and pay attention to moisture-proof in later use, and can not be soaked in water for a long time.

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