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What materials should I use for my wardrobe?

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Wardrobes are made up of various materials, so we are often faced with not knowing how to choose different materials when choosing wardrobes. So next we will introduce how to choose different materials for wardrobe.

Here is the content list:

Composite multilayer solid wood, moisture-proof board

Composite multilayer solid wood, moisture-proof board advantages

Particleboard and MDF

Ecological board

Composite multilayer solid wood, moisture-proof board

Choose compound multilayer solid wood or the wardrobe of the moisture-proof board is suitable for relatively high to environmental protection requirements, practical and long service life household environment, economic friends can be allowed as the best choice.

Grass incense plate with crop straw broken material as the main raw material, MDI adhesive and functional additive, which is produced by high temperature and high pressure, it makes the chest of level off is smooth, uniform symmetric structure, board face not only solid, has good dimensional stability, high strength, environmental protection, flame retardant, and weather resistance is good to wait for a characteristic, also has the excellent processing performance and surface decoration performance, Suitable for all kinds of surface decoration and mechanical processing, especially special-shaped edge processing. Compared with particleboard wardrobe, it has obvious advantages.

Composite multilayer solid wood, moisture-proof board advantages

This kind of wardrobe is already moistureproof, environmental protection again, and cost-effective. The national wardrobe products have experienced more than ten years of development, more than ten years of experience is enough to determine the wardrobe moisture-proof board is the best choice! The moisture-proof board of the wardrobe can be used in a heavy damp environment, visible its high quality. Because of the more brittle surface of the wardrobe, so the production equipment requirements are higher. The wall of the new house is decorated and painted, and the wall will have a little water. After the installation of the overall wardrobe, there is no ventilation. The backplane part of the wardrobe needs a better moisture-proof plate. The wardrobe of the moisture-proof board is soaked in water, because have a woodiness long fiber, adds green moisture-proof agent, soak swell to a certain degree no longer swell, so most brand uses the moisture-proof board to be wardrobe cabinet body main material, it is to have a certain reason.

Particleboard and MDF

If cut into 1 and 5 pieces of glue used water is not the same, the less glue, the more environmental protection. Medium fiberboard, also called density board, is made of wood powder pressing molding, flatness is better, more suitable for engraving and milling, molding, usually do modeling door panels, such as paint, molding (plastic). There are MDF wardrobe materials softer, edge sealing is not easy to appear the phenomenon of edge explosion, easier to process, so many small factories use medium fineness. In terms of moisture-proof performance, the moisture resistance of the chipboard wardrobe is much worse than that of the moisture-proof board. Without the green core moisture-proof agent, if the wood is in a damp environment for a long time, it is easy to mold and decay. MDF is made of wood flour. If MDF is soaked in water, it will expand like a cake.

Ecological board

Refers to the small workshop production of the ecological board wardrobe, large core board, or sandwich board with double-sided paste tripolyurethane surface! Quality: the sandwich plate (commonly known as the joiner board, the board) is a solid board core plywood, it will cut into the log, joining together into the core, outer cover material processing and become, wardrobe force from the whole plate to two outer cover, wardrobe for wood splice, base material basic don't stress, the chest is very easy to fracture and deformation. The fir of one or two years that this kind of plank uses mostly is raw material, want to use a finger to be able to pull the wood of wardrobe only bad, hold nail force respect is lower than national standard several times.

Rosen has a wide selection of wardrobe materials, which can be customized according to the needs of customers. If you have any questions about the panel materials above, please call us.

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