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Modern Multifunctional Glossy Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet

Place of Origin:       China
Carcase Material:    Plywood
Door Panel:             MDF Board Paint Finish
Color:                      White, Grey, Optional
Feature:                   Durable, High Gloss
Certification:           ISO9001, RoSH
  • LQ-009
  • Rosen

Product Description

The gray kitchen cabinet and white slate countertop complement each other, with clean lines and clear textures, which make the eyes feel extremely comfortable. The integration of electrical appliances and cabinets makes the kitchen cabinet not only beautiful but also practical, and the overall space is high-quality and attractive.

Modern Multifunctional Glossy Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Design

In fact, the biggest advantage of choosing gray kitchen cabinet is that they are convenient to take care of, which is suitable for some lazy friends or those who have no time to take care of the kitchen. After all, the location of the kitchen cabinet is low, and it is very inconvenient if you have to take care of them frequently. Choosing this stain-resistant and durable color is indeed a good choice.

If the colors of kitchen cabinetare well matched, the effect will be very wonderful, and the atmosphere can better show the host's economic strength and life style. For color mixing, it is best to choose a color close to the gray kitchen cabinet, such as light white or light yellow, so that the matching effect is very good, the texture is strong and it looks very gorgeous.

For the choice of countertops, you can generally choose black or white, which is easier to match and belongs to the classic color. The important is that the matched kitchen cabinet is elegant and tidy, which makes people feel different and full of beauty at first glance.

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