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How To Use The Space Of The Kitchen Cabinet?

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The kitchen cabinet is the most important and largest storage place in the kitchen. The storage capacity of the kitchen cabinets determines the storage capacity of the kitchen space. The storage capacity of cabinets varies greatly. One criterion for judging the storage of the entire kitchen cabinet is whether the items are convenient to use. This convenience is not only easy to take out but also easy to put back, convenient for cleaning. Let us introduce in detail how to make good use of the storage space of the cabinet.


Here is the content list:

  • Standards and composition

  • The items stored in the wall cabinet should be light

  • Organize according to different functions

  • Use wall space


Standards and composition

Three major standards for kitchen cabinet storage: clean interface, clear content, and convenient access. The three major components of cabinet storage: upper wall cabinet + middle countertop + lower floor cabinet, constitute the entire system of kitchen storage.


The items stored in the wall cabinet should be light

Since the wall cabinet is placed on the upper wall of the kitchen cabinet and the load-bearing capacity is limited, it is generally used to store lightweight items, such as heavy items such as wall cabinets, pots, and pans. Don't put it in the wall cabinet if it is safe to bear the weight. Applicable storage items: miscellaneous grains, snacks, tea, cups, wine, and other light items. Many people think that the capacity of the wall cabinet in the kitchen cabinet is not too large compared to other parts, but if the items are stored properly, you will find that its capacity is far greater than expected and the storage capacity is strong.


Organize according to different functions

Some kitchen cabinets may not have wall cabinets, but there must be floor cabinets. As the most frequently used kitchen cabinet in the kitchen, large items are placed in these places, making them easier to access. Applicable storage items: pots, dishes, large seasoning pots, rice, electrical appliances, and other large items. For the base kitchen cabinet, the key to effective and reasonable storage is the drawers and the dividers with different functions, sizes, and purposes in the drawers. For example, grid dividers, tray dividers, basket dividers.


Use wall space

The storage standard of a good kitchen cabinet is to make the countertop nothing. If there are too many items on the countertop, how can cooking be performed? This chaotic and crowded work surface can be changed by simply using the three-dimensional storage of the wall space of the cabinet! Items such as knives, cutting boards, cooking gadgets, etc. can all be placed on the wall to make room for the big protagonist. All kinds of hooks and crossbars are secret weapons for using the three-dimensional storage of the wall space. All kinds of hooks and crossbars are secret weapons to make use of the three-dimensional storage of the wall space.


Regardless of whether your kitchen cabinet is large or small, as long as you make effective use of the various spaces of the kitchen cabinet, you can maximize the storage of items.


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