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How To Choose Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

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Wood veneer kitchen cabinets are veneer panels made of wood. The veneer is made of thin slices of wood, stone, metal, etc., which are pasted on plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, and other baseboards after hot pressing. In the field of decoration, the most commonly used veneer is wood veneer. Natural wood or artificial wood is used to make the surface. This kind of wood veneer is also collectively referred to as wood veneer. Simply put, it is wood + substrate = wood veneer. Here's how to buy wood veneer cabinets.

Here is the content list:

  • Common types of wood veneer cabinets

  • The skin should be thick

  • There should be no obvious flaws on the surface

  • Brand and after-sales are better

Common types of wood veneer cabinets

Common kitchen cabinet wood veneers can be distinguished according to the type of wood. The veneers on the market generally include teak veneers, walnut veneers, southwest birch veneers, maple veneers, ash veneers, beech veneers, etc. Wait.

The skin should be thick

The thicker the wood veneer kitchen cabinet, the better its performance, the more real the solid wood feel after painting, the clearer the texture, the brighter the color, and the better the saturation. How to identify the thickness of the veneer? Check whether the edges of the kitchen cabinet boards are sandy, whether there is any leakage of glue on the surface of the board, and whether there is greenishness in the water application experiment. If the above-mentioned problem exists in the permeability phenomenon, it means that the panel skin is relatively thin.

There should be no obvious flaws on the surface

Wooden veneer kitchen cabinets should be selected as far as possible without cracks, cracks, no knots, sandwiches, resin capsules, and gum lanes on the surface; the natural warpage of the entire board should be as small as possible to avoid disclosure of the substrate due to improper sanding process operation The phenomenon of sand penetration.

Small smell

Wood veneer kitchen cabinets should avoid wood veneers with pungent odors. Because the greater the smell, the higher the amount of formaldehyde released, the more severe the pollution, and the greater the harm.

Brand and after-sales are better

When purchasing wood veneer cabinets, look at the dealer’s operating strength and after-sales service guarantee. Choose some manufacturers with good quality and good service.

Wooden veneer kitchen cabinets have rough and fine broken lines, matched with the concrete wall, which not only feels good but also creates a natural and unpretentious, and comfortable kitchen atmosphere. Compared with the painted veneer, in the wood decorating environment, even if the ingredients and kitchen utensils are free It will not appear messy and full of life.

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