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How To Choose Good Quality Kitchen Cabinets?

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The product types of kitchen cabinets are diverse and the product structure is complex. It is difficult for consumers to distinguish between good and bad. They accidentally buy fake or poor-quality products. Many businesses promise to use the original high-quality plates, but in fact, they are not. Consumers' lack of understanding of kitchen cabinets and the temptation of higher profits have led to these dishonesty phenomena. So how to avoid being deceived? Today, I will introduce some ways to identify kitchen cabinets from three aspects: plates, countertops, electrical appliances, and brands.


Here is the content list:

  • Check the board

  • Check the countertop

  • Check the manufacturer


Check the board

It is generally difficult to find the defects of kitchen cabinet panels, so merchants may be involved here. The identification of panels is mainly in the following three aspects:

1. Look at the edge banding

Take a look and feel the edge of the board. If the edge banding is uneven or rough, it means that the edge banding process is not good enough. This kind of board is not only susceptible to moisture but also the formaldehyde emission may exceed the standard. The sealing edge should be smooth and smooth.

2. Look at the waterproof

Drip some water on the board of the kitchen cabinet and wipe it off after a few minutes. If water stains are remaining, it means that the board has poor moisture resistance and is easy to mold or deform. On the contrary, if there are no residual water stains, it means that the waterproof performance of the board is better.

3. Look at the hardness

Knock the plate with the knuckles of your fingers. If you make a crisp sound, it means that the inside of the plate is not tight and will be more easily deformed and bent during future use. On the contrary, if the sound is thick, it means that the plate is denser and more stable.


Check the countertop

To pursue low cost, many businesses dope calcium carbonate and reduce the content of quartz stone into the raw materials of the kitchen cabinets. You can drop a drop of soy sauce on the surface of the board and wipe it off after 5 minutes. If there are no traces, it means that the stone has good anti-permeability; burn it with a lighter and then wash it with water. If it is deformed or blacked, it means that the quality of the stone is not good; Check the certificate, the kitchen cabinet of the regular manufacturer will indicate important information such as the origin, model, and warranty period.


Check the manufacturer

The kitchen cabinet market has moved towards a high degree of integration, which means that when you customize a set of cabinets, it will also include range hoods, stoves, and even dishwashers, ovens, and other electrical appliances. Everyone should be identified when buying kitchen cabinets and check the manufacturer online to see if the warranty terms are complete.


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