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How To Choose A Kitchen Cabinet To Look Better?

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First of all, when choosing a kitchen cabinet, you must pay attention to the "easy to use", but you can't ignore the "good-looking". In the case of a limited budget, the practicality of kitchen cabinets must be given priority, but for decoration with a certain economic basis, sometimes you may be willing to pay double the budget cost for aesthetics. In fact, the appearance of the kitchen cabinet is relatively easy to grasp. This article will give an example of some factors that affect the appearance of the cabinet. Including the following points: door panel color; door panel texture, texture, shape; countertop color;


Here is the content list:

  • Door color

  • Door panel texture, texture, shape

  • Countertop color


Door color

The color of the door panel is definitely the first factor that affects the aesthetics because the entire kitchen cabinet and even the entire kitchen are basically dominated by the cabinet door panel. The color of the kitchen cabinet door panels can be seen from our daily published case statistics. Basically, white, gray, and wood colors occupy a large proportion, while other colors are relatively few. White is a versatile color, basically suitable for any style of kitchen. If you can't choose the color, you can't go wrong with white. Gray is similar to white, and it can be used with any color. It is a common kitchen cabinet design to use different colors for the upper cabinet and the lower cabinet.


Door panel texture, texture, shape

In addition to the color of the door panel, the texture, texture, and shape of the kitchen cabinet door panel will affect the aesthetics, and these factors usually have a lot to do with the kitchen cabinet material, because the material determines whether certain shapes can be made. Whether the door panel is shiny or matte will also obviously affect the appearance. Many young people now prefer the matte texture, which looks softer and has no light pollution problems. Of course, the bright surface may generally be more advantageous in terms of cleaning. Even if it is the same wood color, different wood grains have different visual feelings. The same is a shaped door panel. The width, curvature, and depth of the shaped line will affect the aesthetics.


Countertop color

Although the color of the countertop occupies a smaller area compared to the door panel, it is also a larger part of the kitchen cabinet vision, which affects the overall design of the kitchen. Whether it is quartz or composite acrylic, white countertops are the most common color. Although white is easy to stain, white is the best match, and many people will use it.


Other factors that affect the appearance of the kitchen cabinet are the door handles, the proportion of the upper cabinet, the special cabinet body, and so on. Basically grasp the above points, you can grasp the aesthetics of a set of kitchen cabinets, the aesthetics of the cabinets are grasped, and the aesthetics of the kitchen is basically controlled. In addition, in the process of daily use, maintaining the cleanliness of the countertop can effectively control the appearance.


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