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How To Buy A Wardrobe

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To the friend that decorates household so, how should Swing Door Wardrobe of choose and buy? Comparisons can be made in the following respects.

Here is the content list:

  • The structure of the wardrobe

  • Wardrobe variety and material color

  • How well the rest of the wardrobe works

  • Wardrobe accessories and green materials

The structure of the wardrobe

Because the area of the Multifunctional Lacquered Wardrobe is calculated according to the three-dimensional area, the calculation method of laminate is the total area of five surfaces, if more than a few laminates, the price is afraid to be very expensive. It is reported, nowadays more consumer choice makes a few hang garment pole more, it is price more cost-effective. Smell, good materials, no matter how new, have no pungent taste; Whether the edge is smooth, delicate, strong adhesion; See hardware fittings whether the brand that hits oneself is safe and false mark.

Non-standard combinations are more expensive than standard ones. Because the standard combination has been streamlined, if you want to customize, the price is more expensive.

Wardrobe variety and material color

Different consumption concepts correspond to different color preferences. The material that can make a sliding door on the market has plank, glass, mirror, and a few other special materials. The colors are beech, cherry, maple, maple, oak, black walnut, white pine, and so on. Strong manufacturers can provide nearly 20 kinds of wood patterns. The individual manufacturer still rolls out "one board two colors" new-type plank, of similar fashionable mobile phone "color shell changes at will" function.

Whether the thickness of cabinet door panel is plump and thick, whether height is enough

Sliding door board, the best choice of 10mm or 12mm thick plate, use up strong, stable, durable; Slightly worse will choose 8mm thick, appear more thin, frivolous. The height of the door panel determines whether it can be decorated to the top of the ceiling. The height of a single plate is more than 2.8 meters, and the ceiling is as high as the ceiling.

How well the rest of the wardrobe works

Whether cupboard door and frame design and color are consistent and unified. Brand cabinet door frame, door panels from the same manufacturer, color lines can be completely consistent, unified supporting. And miscellaneous brand wardrobe often patchworks, can only find the similar plate, frame, cannot do completely consistent. Whether the wheel is smooth, pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, safe, and reliable. The pulley of brand wardrobe is generally made of carbon glass fiber (new high-tech material), with ball bearing inside, with non-dry lubrication ester, so it can easily push and pull, smooth and flexible, and bearing force, pressure resistance, wear resistance without deformation. The pulley guide rail is the core technical part of the sliding door, must be carefully selected.

8 cabinet is professional, design is scientific fashion.

Wardrobe accessories and green materials

Integrated Swing Door Wardrobe accessories are complete, can provide convenient and comfortable supporting functions. Manufacturers of many wardrobes rolled out practical and beautiful fittings successively, for example, push-pull mirror, lattice, trousers rack, fashion drawer, pull basket, L rack, TV rack, CD rack, woodiness hanger. Whether to choose green environmental protection materials. Nowadays, the artificial board is used to make furniture (fiberboard, particleboard, plywood), because the adhesive with formaldehyde is used in the production process of the board, so it is inevitable to contain formaldehyde in the finished furniture. If the content of formaldehyde in the cabinet door or the cabinet material is too high, it will have a bad effect on the health of the user. In order to ensure production, most of the brand wardrobe has professional factories, modern machinery, and equipment, assembly line production, site installation. Completely avoid the inconvenience caused by the on-site manufacturing of decoration companies to consumers. Moreover, the size of the product data is accurate, the structure is rigorous, give a person a kind of overall aesthetic feeling.

The wardrobe produced by Rosen has handled the details very well. We have used professional design methods both in material selection and overall design. Excellent workmanship and impeccable products have won the favor of many customers.

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