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How Should The Kitchen Cabinet Be Moisture-Proof

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Whether it's spring or summer, all parts of the house may get wet due to rain or other weather. Kitchen cabinets are frequently used places in the kitchen. If they are sloppy during decoration, they will easily become moldy and insects due to damp water vapor in actual use. So what should you pay attention to when decorating kitchen cabinets? Let us introduce it below.


Here is the content list:

  • Choose solid wood particleboard

  • Hardware choose stainless steel material

  • Moisture-proof countertops

  • Moisture-proof technology for sink cabinets


Choose solid wood particleboard

Many people like to use solid wood particle board to make kitchen cabinets, not only because of its excellent resistance to deformation, cracking, and load-bearing capacity, but also because of its good moisture resistance, which is very suitable for use as cabinet panels. Some poor-quality boards have poor moisture resistance and are easily expanded and deformed in a damp kitchen for a long time, while high-quality solid wood particle boards have a small expansion coefficient after water absorption and have excellent moisture resistance.


Judging the moisture-proof performance of a solid wood particle board kitchen cabinet can be observed from two aspects: edge sealing and finishing.

①Edge banding: Ordinary edge banding materials will age and become brittle after two to three years, and then rapidly swell and deform after absorbing water.

②Veneer: The veneer is the surface of the board, usually covered with a layer of specially treated melamine impregnated paper, the surface is smooth and flat, and corrosion-resistant.


Hardware choose stainless steel material

The most inconvenient part of the decoration is the hardware accessories. After all, the kitchen is damp and fumes, and the poor-quality hinges and guide rails are very easy to corrode and rust and the kitchen cabinets also suffer. Good quality hardware depends on the brand and material.

①Brand: Good cabinets are equipped with big brand hardware, and the craftsmanship is mature and guaranteed.

②Material: In terms of material, try to choose stainless steel with a thick feel and smooth surface, so that it is not easy to rust and corrosion.


Moisture-proof countertops

The countertop of the kitchen cabinet is the place where water is most likely to accumulate. To prevent the stagnant water from flowing into the gap between the wall and the kitchen cabinet, you can add water retaining strips on the countertop against the wall to avoid mold on the wall and the cabinet from decay. It is also recommended to have water retaining strips on the outside of the countertop, which will not wet the clothes and prevent the eggs and other objects placed on the countertop from rolling off.


Moisture-proof technology for sink cabinets

The sink cabinet is the wettest place in the kitchen cabinet. The large temperature difference between inside and outside is easy to condense water vapor. Apply an anti-condensation coating on the bottom of the sink to prevent condensation from being generated outside due to low temperature, which can protect the kitchen cabinet from moisture.


Pay more attention to these moisture-proof parts when buying kitchen cabinets, and the process of using cabinets will be much less troublesome in the future.


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