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Home Used Resistant To Moisture Integrated Bathroom Vanity

Place of Origin:        China
Carcase Material:     Plywood
Door Panel:              MDF, Plywood, Solid Wood
Color:                       White, Gray, Wood Grain, Optional
Feature:                    Durable, Modular, Stainproof
Certification:             ISO9001, RoSH
  • BV-004
  • Rosen

Product Description

The floor-standing bathroom vanity design also bid farewell to the traditional model and has a new expression. The simple and elegant shape provides comfortable use from all angles. The basin in the washing area chooses the above counter basin, which has a strong sense of design and high appearance.

Home Used Resistant To Moisture Integrated Bathroom Vanity

How To Build A Bathroom Vanity In A Small Apartment Bathroom

When decorating, choose hanging bathroom vanity and toilets, which can reduce sanitary corners and reduce the burden of housework. Hanging bathroom cabinets do not have the sanitary troubles of concealing dirt on the feet of the cabinet, and at the same time can increase the visual sense of lightness and transparency. The suspended part at the bottom is equivalent to a new storage space, where objects such as washbasins and baby bathtubs can be placed.

The smart mirror cabinet can be used for mirroring and storage. It also has functions such as skin quality detection, real-time update of weather and temperature, and mobile phone APP control, so you can enjoy convenient life wisely. Install partitions on the dressing table to facilitate the placement of toiletries, release the pressure on the sink, and at the same time reduce the hygiene troubles of mold and bacteria breeding due to long-term contact with water on the counter area.

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