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High Quality L-shaped Modular Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinet

Place of Origin:       China
Carcase Material:    Plywood
Door Panel:             Solid Wood
Color:                      Wood Grain, Optional
Feature:                   Durable, Modular, Stainproof
Certification:           ISO9001, RoSH
  • WV-007
  • Rosen

Product Description

The multifunctional open kitchen cabinet integrates the cooking area, dining area, and leisure area. It not only satisfies the daily dining and gathering activities of the family, but also satisfies the leisure time for one person to read a book or a couple of friends to have a drink. The L-shaped frameless kitchen cabinet, through the refraction of light and shadow, increases the indoor lighting, and perfectly releases the kitchen space.

High Quality L-shaped Modular Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinet

Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinet

The wood veneer kitchen cabinet door refers to covering a layer of natural veneer on the surface of the substrate (usually particleboard or MDF) to obtain the natural effect of the log. After development, veneer is divided into natural veneer and technological veneer, and there are various types.

Advantages:The kitchen cabinet is made by sticking the natural wood skin to the veneer of the base material, which looks no different from the solid wood kitchen cabinet, but the price is much cheaper. You can also choose the colors and textures of different tree species and splice them into flowers.

Disadvantages: The wood veneer kitchen cabinet is not easy to clean, and the environment that is too humid is prone to deterioration.

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Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinet

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