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Custom Stain-proof Modular PVC Kitchen Cabinet

Place of Origin:       China
Carcase Material:    Plywood
Door Panel:             Partical Board/MDF Board
Color:                      White, Grey, Optional
Feature:                   Durable
Certification:           ISO9001, RoSH
  • PVC-006
  • Rosen

Product Description

Integrated kitchen cabinet design, large-scale solid color, clean and elegant. The lines are meticulous, the design of different structural elements, equipped with diversified product function applications, hidden and exposed orderly, minimalist and comfortable, bringing a simple, clear, fresh and natural experience.

Custom Stain-proof Modular PVC Kitchen Cabinet

Pastoral style Kitchen Cabinet

Pastoral style kitchen cabinet advocates a lifestyle of "advocating nature and being close to nature", it can accept some primitive natural elements in the design, and strive to express a leisurely, comfortable and natural attitude and way of life.

The overall color of the pastoral kitchen cabinet is basically bright and light, and the main color in the kitchen is generally the classic white, and you can also choose goose yellow, barn green or other light colors. Only in this way can we give people a fresh feeling, and the kitchen cabinets can be mixed with color, so as to give people a refreshing feeling. For example, when decorating the walls and floors in the kitchen, you can choose white tiles with flowers.

The idyllic style kitchen cabinet of returning to nature is especially suitable for people who like to be close to nature and who do not like the hustle and bustle of the city and are somewhat innocent.

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PVC Kitchen Cabinet

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