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Custom High End Gray Melamine Kitchen Cabinet

Place of Origin:       China
Carcase Material:    Plywood
Door Panel:             Partical Board/MDF Board
Color:                      Wood Grain, Optional
Feature:                   Durable, Modular, Long-lasting
Certification:           ISO9001, RoSH
  • ML-018
  • Rosen

Product Description

High-grade gray brings a new feeling to the space. The handleless design and simple and practical kitchen cabinet shape make people comfortable and casual. The dining room and kitchen are integrated, the space is transparent and open, and the design of the electrical high cabinet to the ceiling and open cabinet meets various storage needs.

Custom High End Gray Melamine Kitchen Cabinet

Fashion Embedded Design

Cooking is a complicated matter, and the use of kitchen cabinet and kitchen utensils is the most frequent. The use of built-in cabinets can prevent the kitchen cabinet from protruding and obstructing the movement, making it more convenient to move the line.

The embedded concept of kitchen cabinet takes a step back to the wall and gives way to the space. The aisle becomes spacious and the small kitchen will not appear crowded. In the built-in cabinets, electrical appliances are also installed together, and refrigerators and ovens no longer occupy space. Only a kitchen can satisfy Chinese and Western styles.

After cooking, cleaning the kitchen is also a big problem. The integrated embedded design reduces the existence of sanitary dead corners, the corners of electrical appliances and kitchen cabinet are clean, and the dishwasher can be perfectly combined, which frees hands, realizes cooking freedom and makes the kitchen cleaner.

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