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Custom Contemporary Durable Polished Quartz Countertop

Place of Origin:       China
Carcase Material:    Plywood
Door Panel:             Solid Wood, MDF, Plywood
Color:                      White, Wood Grain, Optional
Feature:                  Durable, Modular, Stainproof
Certification:           ISO9001, RoSH
  • 6134 Georgian Bluffs
  • Rosen

Product Description

A turbid light gray with soft traces of charcoal, which reappears after disappearing. The unique natural stone texture of the quartz stone countertops, every touch is like being in the middle of nature, admiring the scattered scenery of rocks and mountains and forests.

6134 Georgian Bluffs

How To Identity The Quality Of Quartz Stone

Measure the size of the quartz stone. So as not to affect the splicing, or cause the patterns and lines to be deformed after splicing, and affect the decorative effect.

Listen to the striking sound of the quartz stone. Generally speaking, the stone with good quality, compact and uniform inside and no micro-cracks, the percussion sound is clear and pleasant. On the contrary, if there are microscopic cracks or fine veins in the stone or the contact between particles becomes loose due to weathering, the knocking sound will be rough and dull.

Use a simple test method to test the quality of the quartz stone. A small drop of ink is usually dropped on the back of the stone. If the ink quickly disperses and leaches, it means that the internal particles of the stone are loose or there are microscopic cracks, and the quality of the stone is not good. On the contrary, if the ink drops remain in place, it means The stone is dense and good in texture.

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