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Closet Other Installation Problems And Installation Tips

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When installing the closet, in addition to the problems that may occur in the cabinet, other parts have installation problems, so let's introduce this part again. And the tips about installing closet.

Here is the content list:

  • The reason why the closet drawer does not move smoothly

  • Closet After the sliding door is installed, there is a very loud or difficult to push solution

  • Other tips

The reason why the closet drawer does not move smoothly

closet track carefully, and replace it if there is any problem.

①The space in the closet cabinet is not standard.

②Closet drawers are not standard, including the size of the bottom plate, the size of the backplate, and the deviation of the three-in-one hole position.

③The quality of the closet rail is not good, such as insufficient lubrication, metal burrs on the movable contact surface, deformation of movable parts, etc.

Solutions to the above problems

①If the drawer is closed when the drawer is shaken, the outside is loose and the inside is tight. Usually, the situation is that you do not pay attention when nailing the backplate and deform the side plate. You can use a hammer to knock out the side plate to restore the original shape.

②Closet the back panel or the side panel is too large to be planed or sawed.

③Check the quality of the

Closet After the sliding door is installed, there is a very loud or difficult to push solution

The reason for the abnormal sound of the closet:

①. The closet frame is in contact with the upper rail and rubs.

② Closet bottom wheel box, and the lower rail contact friction.

③. The closet bottom wheel and adjustable parts are loose.

④. Closet the deformed or raised part of the bottom wheel.

⑤ When installing the closet lower rail, put a piece of paper of the same width under the closet lower rail.

The sliding door that the closet is difficult to push is mainly because the position of the upper and lower rails of the closet is incorrect or not matched, and the bottom wheel quality is not good.

Or the space is too small.


①The space reserved for closet sliding doors must be standard, and the diagonals must be equal.

② The position of the upper and lower rails should be symmetrical, especially the closet lower rail should be straight.

③ Check the quality of the closet bottom wheel carefully.

Other tips

When the closet cabinet is larger than the actual size, cabinet 4 can be made smaller.

When the gap between the closet sliding door and the sliding door is large, it is possible that the frame is deformed. The inner and outer sliding doors can be interchanged, and then the upper rail

Dust-proof strips are added at the intersection of the two closet doors. If it is an all-wood sliding door, the frame can be pressed down.

When the closet has more than two cabinets, the top and bottom plates are easy to confuse: because the top and bottom plates of the closet are not the same sizes when the closet is divided into two parts, the sides of the closet are not the same width as the middle.

Deformation of the closet side panel: The main reason is that the fixed shelf is placed below 2100mm on the bright side of the wardrobe. The side panel is in an empty state, and the sliding door and the side panel will not be closed. In the design, a solid layer should be placed below 2100mm of the visible side panel.

If you encounter any problems with the installation after purchasing our wardrobe, please feel free to contact us at Rosen. We have a mature, professional, and efficient after-sales team to answer your questions during the closet installation.

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