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  • How to use the space of the kitchen cabinet?

    The kitchen cabinet is the most important and largest storage place in the kitchen. The storage capacity of the kitchen cabinets determines the storage capacity of the kitchen space. The storage capacity of cabinets varies greatly. One criterion for judging the storage of the entire kitchen cabinet is whether the items are convenient to use. This convenience is not only easy to take out but also easy to put back, convenient for cleaning. Let us introduce in detail how to make good use of the storage space of the cabinet. Read More

  • How to choose good quality kitchen cabinets?

    The product types of kitchen cabinets are diverse and the product structure is complex. It is difficult for consumers to distinguish between good and bad. They accidentally buy fake or poor-quality products. Many businesses promise to use the original high-quality plates, but in fact, they are not. Consumers' lack of understanding of kitchen cabinets and the temptation of higher profits have led to these dishonesty phenomena. So how to avoid being deceived? Today, I will introduce some ways to identify kitchen cabinets from three aspects: plates, countertops, electrical appliances, and brands. Read More

  • How to choose a kitchen cabinet to look better?

    First of all, when choosing a kitchen cabinet, you must pay attention to the "easy to use", but you can't ignore the "good-looking". In the case of a limited budget, the practicality of kitchen cabinets must be given priority, but for decoration with a certain economic basis, sometimes you may be willing to pay double the budget cost for aesthetics. In fact, the appearance of the kitchen cabinet is relatively easy to grasp. This article will give an example of some factors that affect the appearance of the cabinet. Including the following points: door panel color; door panel texture, texture, shape; countertop color; Read More

  • How should the kitchen cabinet be moisture-proof

    Whether it's spring or summer, all parts of the house may get wet due to rain or other weather. Kitchen cabinets are frequently used places in the kitchen. If they are sloppy during decoration, they will easily become moldy and insects due to damp water vapor in actual use. So what should you pay attention to when decorating kitchen cabinets? Let us introduce it below. Read More

  • How should the kitchen cabinet be maintained?

    The kitchen space can easily become greasy after using for a long time, especially the kitchen cabinet part. The service life of kitchen cabinets is not only affected by materials and craftsmanship but also closely related to usage habits. If it is not maintained, it will affect the use and the appearance. If you want to keep the appearance of the cabinet online, daily cleaning work is essential. How to save worry and effort to do the daily cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen cabinet? Let me introduce it below. Read More


    PEDRO HOUSE Project SpecificationProject NamePEDRO HOUSEFinish Year2016 YearLocation10 NIDJALLA LOOP SWANBOURNE 6010Kitchen CabinetPlywood carcase with MDF high gloss two pack finish.BLUM kitchen hinges and drawer boxes.40 mm thickness Caesarstone quartz stone.WardrobePlywood carcase with sliver mir Read More

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