Why Only 1% Of Users Buy Stainless Steel Cabinets?

- Dec 01, 2017 -

The actual situation may not be 1%.

Steel + Challenger Alliance (a strong alliance focused on stainless steel cabinets brand launched by CAC) At the beginning of its establishment, small-scale market research was conducted on the application of new materials and new processes in the industry. Although less than 1% Market share, but many people in the industry of this water, fire, moisture, corrosion, zero formaldehyde, durable and other properties of the material, holding a positive meaning.

Well, the question is coming.

Why its market share is so low?

Steel + Challenger Union first station into the terminal, listening to front-line shopping guide staff and randomly selected into the store intent consumers, find clues from their feedback.

One difficulty: the price is king, the unit price of stainless steel cabinets generally higher than the wooden cabinets

NO - durable

Some even exceed 2 times more than the average mid-range stainless steel cabinets valued more than 5-6 million, up to 300,000. Admittedly, this is the main reason why many end users do not choose stainless steel cabinets. At this point, you can do the math problems, a set of 8-10 years, 30-year warranty of stainless steel cabinets, are also considered the best use; equally stainless steel 1 m substrate up to 300 yuan, higher than the universal wood base Wood several times, the price is relatively high is also reasonable.


Difficulties two: Looks dull, cold stainless steel

NO - diversity

Kitchen, is a very smoke-breathing home environment, cold color does not meet the needs of most people. But consumers think that stainless steel cabinets can only maintain the primary colors, this is indeed a misunderstanding. Whether using 220-degree automotive paint on a stainless steel substrate, or pressing old-fashioned, and using 3D woodgrain technology to create nature, stainless steel can be achieved and is a very mature process.


Three difficult: conductive, easy to conductive metal material

NO - non-pure stainless steel

Kitchen environment is complex, involving hydropower, many users worry about conductive problems. Stainless steel as a metal alloy, it is conductive, but the composition of the different alloys will lead directly to its conductivity. In fact, whether it is stainless steel countertops or cabinet, is not made of pure stainless steel, but by the stainless steel plate filled with the corresponding material combination is safe to use in the kitchen; plus kitchen and household appliances have electricity Leakage protector tripping function, do not have security risks. A Fagio Guo, a sex employee who has been in terminal stores for three years, said he never had this problem during his client's return visit.


After solving the above market problems, stainless steel cabinets also performed well in the market differentiation.

Three key words:

Environmental protection: stainless steel cabinets to welding, mesa is also one without testing is absolutely environmentally friendly, because stainless steel is not synthesized with epoxy resin, nor the radiation of natural granite; to ensure never cracked at the same time, without the use of glue sticky Together, from the source to eliminate the release of formaldehyde; and material properties such as color does not change, leading to the high value of recycling.


Health: 304 practical grade stainless steel, with antibacterial anti-oxidation properties; and sink, countertops, stove integration leads to no gap, naturally does not breed bacteria; easy to clean, just use a damp cloth moistened with detergent to simply scrub Stainless steel countertops bright as new, shiny crystal is not easy to leave.


Durable: durable up to three years Cost-effective most cost-effective As mentioned earlier, because the material itself contains chromium and nickel, has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance; coupled with fire not afraid of heat, impermeability, good impact resistance, Hardness, more durable.

Attention to the development of new materials does not mean devaluing other materials. Instead, it gives consumers more choices in the course of healthy competition and gives new interpretations of new consumer needs and new lifestyles. Stainless steel cabinets are no longer "only the hotel was chosen" cabinets, it can fully meet the current market demand for consumer goods, and can amplify the natural advantages of the material itself.

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