Why Dishwasher Usage Is Low In China

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Why dishwasher usage is low in China ?


Brush pot dishwashing, I am afraid not many people like to do, who will wash the dishes, but also may be the fuse of many family conflicts. The good news is that this kind of housework may later be replaced by machines. Today, dishwashers, as an improved type of kitchen appliances, enter families more frequently and gradually replace traditional manual dishwashing. "Dishwashers are really good things, eating well at home is all about happiness." In many consumers' eyes, dishwashers have become "just needed."


Dishwashers have become very popular abroad as a "exotic product," but due to traditional eating habits and habits, the domestic coverage of dishwashers is still low. Although it has been on the development of the outlet, but in the consumer market is still somewhat "acclimatized."


Vents came to the kitchen just needed new kitchens

Dishwashers have been in existence for more than 100 years now. In foreign consumers' homes, they are almost the same household appliances that refrigerators and washing machines use. Industry data show that the dishwasher in Europe and the United States and other developed countries has reached nearly 70% penetration rate, while in the country only 0.5% penetration.


"Dishwashers are a necessity for lazy people." In many "post-80s" and "post-90s" young consumers, they are able to free their hands from the greasy sink, and the dishwasher seems to have become an "artifact ". When doing home decoration, kitchen space is small, many people still have to set aside a place for the dishwasher.


It is this wave of consumer incentives, dishwasher ushered in the tuyere in 2017. The "2017 China Dishwasher Industry White Paper" released by various agencies showed that the dishwaster market had a total retail sales of 1.98 billion yuan in 2016. By the end of August 2017, this figure reached 2.42 billion yuan, up by a large amount By 134.7%. Zhongyi Kang market research firm expects dishwasher industry in 2017 sales will reach 4.76 billion yuan, retail sales will reach 1.097 million units, the market size or 140% year-on-year increase. In the downturn in the long-term appliance market, the dishwasher has been the fastest growing category.


At the same time, businesses are pouring into this promising market. In the Yikang statistics show that in January 2017 to November, the dishwasher market has 19 new brands, the new model 118. Jia Dong, general manager of Yi Kang said that as more and more manufacturers involved, the dishwasher market is singing triumph.


Low usage may be a twist


Reporters visited some offline stores found that the dishwasher is only sporadic distribution, submerged in all kinds of appliances among them, and modest. Online is the main battlefield of dishwasher sales in Jingdong Mall, Suning Tesco and other e-commerce platform, as many as 40 dishwasher brands, the price distribution in more than 1,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan range. From the sales situation, there are thousands of individual popular style comments, praise the majority.

Last year, "Double 11" period, Mr. Chow snapped up a brand of dishwasher, with so long, he felt the advantages of dishwasher is obvious: the liberation of his hands, you can do something else, "dishwasher than hand Clean, generally also with disinfection. "He probably figured out, each wash water and electricity costs about 5 cents, count detergent, the price is not expensive.


However, due to decoration and did not reserve a few years ago, Mr. Zhou can only buy desktop dishwasher this time, placed on the cabinet table, no less space. Dishwashers can not do "big package", Mr. Chow found that with the Western diet is very different, more Chinese cooking, heavy grease, cutlery into the dishwasher, he had to wash slightly with water, Otherwise, the dishwasher is a bit "too much." In addition, there is a "flawed dishwashing" in the dishwashing machine - it takes 50 minutes if it takes too long and does not sterilize, and 70 minutes if it is sterilized.


"The basic is to buy a display." Young consumers Crystal told reporters that in the new home renovation, she set out to the dishwasher, but now that the dishwasher is too occupied, the use of low, a bit small awkward. "It's a waste of a bowl of one or two people to wash the dishes, but family gatherings are now going outside to eat without washing dishes."

"After 80" girl Burson had bought a dishwasher for her mother. However, she found that her mother did not like to use it and was still used to washing dishes with running tap water. "I always felt it was not clean in my dishwasher."


High prices are still difficult to popularize the dishwasher


"There are a few bowls in my house, and it's not too hard for me to finish the meal." This feeling of consumer Ms Ni represents a lot of consumer thinking.


"First, bulky, not easy to install, the second, suspected dishwasher did not clean out clean, and third, the product price is high." A survey of users in the Central, a lot of consumers on the dishwasher Still skeptical.

At the recent annual meeting of the first Chinese household dishwashers industry, some people in the industry believed that the reason for this was that on the one hand, the traditional Chinese culture for thousands of years was directly brush by hand and the relatively conservative consumers More willing to follow the tradition; the other hand, China's diet culture and abroad are very different, direct use of foreign products, may not be able to meet the needs of Chinese consumers.


Therefore, designing dishwashers with local characteristics according to the needs of Chinese consumers will become the key to breaking the dishwasher. There has been progress in this area. For example, some enterprises have developed sink-type dishwashers specifically for the limited kitchen space and the difficulty of installing an in-line dishwasher.


Price factor is also a lot of consumers discouraged dishwasher an important reason. Data show that the average offline dishwasher price is 5700 yuan, the online price is 3700 yuan. "It's a bit worthless to buy a dishwasher and buy a TV," one consumer said.

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