Whether The Kitchen Cabinet Should Be Equipped With A Backboard

- Aug 20, 2018 -

Whether the Kitchen Cabinet Should be Equipped with a Backboard

The kitchen cabinet is the most important piece of furniture in the kitchen. The kitchen cabinet of the kitchen can not only play the role of storage, but also the kitchen cabinet is part of the cooking table. As the chief of the kitchen, should the kitchen cabinet be installed with the backboard?

First of all, let's take a look at what is the backboard. In fact, as the name implies, the back panel of the kitchen cabinet is also the back panel of the kitchen cabinet. It separates the interior of the kitchen cabinet from the wall and is secured by a special attachment for the back panel.

The main function of the backboard is to enhance the stability and sealing of the kitchen cabinet, to prevent moisture and deformation, and to achieve a certain aesthetic. You should know that the home kitchen decoration will be the baseboard. The kitchen cabinets can't be placed close to the wall. If the backboard is not installed, the dust bugs can easily enter the kitchen cabinet, so the kitchen cabinets with the backboard are more sanitary.

If the home is a self-made kitchen cabinet, you don't need to install the backboard. First, the amount of engineering is large, it is not worthwhile, and the second is not good for cutting. The kitchen cabinets have to hide a lot of pipes. The backboard cutting is especially inconvenient, and the master is likely to add more money.

Even custom kitchen cabinets sometimes have no backplanes. For example, the kitchen cabinets that hide the sewer pipes are generally not equipped with backboards. If the backboard is installed in the place where the sewer pipes are hidden, the following may occur: the backboard is susceptible to moisture cracking; even if the backboard is not used for a long time; And many families will install the kitchen treasure water purifier, the socket will also be installed here, the back plate will block the socket, therefore, the kitchen cabinet below the sink is not recommended to install the backboard, very impractical, sometimes in the way .

If the kitchen cabinet structure is stable, there will be no problem if the backboard is missing. It is recommended that you do not have to install the backplane. Wall tiles are easier to clean. The most important thing is that without the weight of the backboard, the kitchen cabinets will become lighter and more secure on the wall. If you are afraid of climbing into small bugs, you can clean them regularly and place insect repellent pills.

Here you need to remind everyone that the water pipe under the sink must be sealed, otherwise the kitchen cabinet will be wet if it leaks later, reducing the service life of the kitchen cabinet. When we install, try to open the water and try it a few times to see if it leaks. If it leaks, it must be corrected in time, otherwise it will bring inconvenience to us later.

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