What’s The Components Of A Kitchen Cabinet

- Apr 03, 2018 -

What’s the Components Of a Kitchen Cabinet?

1. Stove cabinet: Build-in or desktop kitchen cabinet for stove

2. Sink cabinet: kitchen cabinet with drainage system for sink

3. Console cabinet: kitchen cabinet using for cutting, matching

4. Seasoning cabinet: kitchen cabinet for putting season

5. Rice container: kitchen cabinet for storage of rice

6. Drawer cabinet: kitchen cabinet with one or many drawers

7. Pull out cabinet: kitchen cabinet with many kinds of pull out basket

8. Season rack: open cabinet for putting season

9. Gas cabinet: kitchen cabinet for putting gas bottles

10. Storage cabinet: kitchen cabinet using for storage

11. Hardware accessories: necessary parts for kitchen cabinet (including hinge, handle, connectors, glide, shelf panel clip, adjustable foot)

12. Hardware spare parts: optional parts which increases the function of kitchen cabinet(includes pull out backet, wastebin, rice container, stationary seat, seasoning rack, corner tray, knife rack)

13. Home Appliances: Using for cooking,cleaning and storage(includes range hood,stove,dish water,water heater,garbage grinder, disinfection cabinet,fridge,microwave,oven and electric cooker)

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