What Materials Are Good For Kitchen Cabinet?

- Apr 13, 2018 -

What Materials are Good for Kitchen Cabinet?

Cabinets are an important part of the kitchen. They can not only include kitchen utensils, cutlery, kitchen appliances, etc., but also can beautify the kitchen environment, so be careful when choosing. What material is good for the kitchen cabinet?

1, composite multi-layer solid wood

Composite multi-layer solid wood panel is a kind of plate with high environmental protection, good practicality and long service life. If there is a demand in this area and family conditions allow, it is a good choice, because the price of this kind of sheet will be slightly higher. And composite multi-layer solid wood cabinets can be used in heavy wet environments.


2, moisture-proof board

The kitchen is definitely more humid than other functional areas. Therefore, the panels used in kitchen cabinets must have good moisture resistance, and the moisture-proof panels are very good. They can be used in heavy humid environments and can be used as kitchen cabinets. Body material use.


3, particle board

The chipboard is made of fresh wood and pressed into coarse fibers at high temperature and hot pressed. This kind of chipboard made by breaking the wood avoids the problem of easy cracking and deformation of the solid wood. However, the moisture resistance of the particle board is much worse than that of the moisture-proof plate. In the use, the moisture-proof agent must be added, otherwise it is prone to mildew and corrosion for a long time in a humid environment.


4, blockboard

The blockboard is made of wood that has been processed into wood strips of the same specifications by a sawing machine. The core board made of rubber is then glued and laminated on both sides. The blockboard has a large format and is easy to be sawed. Its material has strong toughness, strong bearing capacity, and is not easily cracked or moisture-proof, but it is prone to delamination and bending deformation.

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5, medium density fiberboard

Medium density fiberboard is made from wood flour, which has good flatness and is suitable for boring and milling. The material is softer and it is less prone to bursting during edge sealing and is easy to process. However, the raw material is wood flour, so the moisture resistance is generally good, and the water is prone to expansion and deformation.


6, ecological board

The eco-board is a melamine surface that is attached to a large core board or a sandwich board and is a plywood having a solid wood core. The logs are cut into strips, spliced into cores, and processed with external facing materials. The force of the entire board comes from the thin two-layer exterior veneers, and the middle block is spliced with wooden blocks. Therefore, it is basically unforced and it is easy. Broken or deformed.


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