What Issues Need To Pay Attention When Buying And Installing The Kitchen Cabinet?

- Apr 19, 2018 -

What issues need to pay attention when buying and installing the kitchen cabinet?

1. Kitchen cabinet measurement must be repeated twice

Generally, the cabinets must be measured twice at least. The first time is when the water and electricity are started. The main points are the fixed water and electricity points. And the second time after finishing of kitchen wall floor tile, main is to verify the situation, then order production.

2. It is recommended that before installing the kitchen cabinets, wipe the tiles behind the kitchen cabinet back panel. Once the kitchen cabinets are installed, the tiles behind the back panel cannot be wiped.

3. When the kitchen cabinets are delivered, check your hardware carefully. This must not be reconciled. The doors must be closed dozens of times a day.

4. How much is the height of the kitchen cabinet? The height of kitchen cabinets is usually 80-85cm, which is designed based on the user's average height of 160-170cm. In fact, the most reasonable is that the height of the sink is 5cm below the elbow; the height of the console is 15cm below the elbow; the height of the stove is 25cm below the elbow. In other words, the kitchen cabinet should not be made of the same height.

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