What Is The Overall Cabinet Style

- Mar 09, 2018 -

What is the overall cabinet style

1, a font cabinet: all the electrical appliances and cabinets are placed along a wall, and the work is carried out in a straight line. This compact, effective narrow kitchen design is suitable for small and medium - sized families or houses with only one person working in the kitchen at the same time. If you use this design in a large kitchen, it may cause a large distance between different functions.  Consider using double or even increase even closet wall high cabinet, to maximize the use of wall space.

2, L - shaped cupboard do not see just a corner, using this cabinet on the turning point, can add a lot of fun to the life of the kitchen, to achieve a lot of new functions. Is a practical kitchen design, but also the most common kitchen design, is the ideal choice of small space.  The ideal work triangle can be obtained by dividing the working area between the walls connected by two sides in this way. The stove, the sink, the disinfector and the refrigerator, each workstation has an operating table to prevent spattering and overcrowding.

3, U cupboard is the most popular in foreign countries, generally requires large kitchen area. The U cabinet is also the most practical. The U cupboard is convenient for each item. It can maximize the use of space for cooking and storing. The two people can be busy at the kitchen at the same time. But U - shaped kitchens are only suitable for large space kitchens. Avoid cross - side settings so that two people can work comfortably at the same time and do not collide.  The two rows of opposite cabinets must be kept at least 120cm spacing to ensure sufficient space.

As long as space permits, I think each owner wants to have a set of U cabinet. In the kitchen, the U cabinet has a better practicality and beauty. Because of the variety of changes, the design of the U cabinet has a higher requirement. In the design, the U cabinet generally should follow the following principles, U - shaped cabinet example building first realized the partition treatment, in addition to the different functions of the kitchen.

U - shaped cabinet, increase the storage function. Is it not possible in our kitchens when you want to enjoy the interaction with the family in the cooking process and the latest trends in the kitchen? The challenge space has caused us the confusion, the narrow kitchen skillfully reformed, let the kitchen everywhere intimate, become full of convenience and fun space of pleasure.

4, island cabinets, cabinet Taiwan island is independent outside the cabinet, a cabinet separate operating area. Cabinet island is only suitable for open kitchen, in modern decoration its biggest function is to be the partition of the kitchen and other space.

The island cabinet has more operating table and storage space for many people to work in the kitchen at the same time. If you need it, you can also install a sink or oven / stove on the kitchen island.  Before deciding, check whether it is possible to connect the pipes, circuits and ventilating pipes of the hood, and ensure that there is an operation table between the stove and the sink.

5, two type cabinet, also called the corridor style kitchen is along the two sides of the opposite wall to establish a two row of work and storage area. If preparing food is the focus of the kitchen work, then this design is a great advantage. The corridor kitchen doesn't need a lot of space. There is a door or window at the end of the kitchen.

In design, pay attention to the two rows of opposite closet between at least 120cm spacing to ensure that there is enough space to open the door. For narrow space, one can choose a cabinet with a depth of 60cm on one side and a cabinet with a depth of 35cm on the other.

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