What Are The Current Home-based Businesses That Advocate A Green Supply Chain?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

What are the current home-based businesses that advocate a green supply chain?


In recent years, with the new-generation technology revolution represented by a new generation of information technology, new energy sources and new materials being promoted globally, the traditional manufacturing industry has brought unprecedented tremendous influence and also brought significant development opportunities. The majority of consumers' pursuit of green production, green procurement and green consumption has completely changed the traditional business model of home manufacturing. In the home manufacturing industry, many enterprises actively promote the green supply chain and have changed their own mode of production.


As an important city in China, Dongguan is located in the heart of the Pearl River Delta and has taken a rapid development supported by the manufacturing industry. Dongguan now has a huge manufacturing system, one of the four characteristics of the convenience package is furniture manufacturing. We may not know, is not only the home of Dongguan manufacturing powerhouse, is the first green supply chain pilot cities Ministry of Environmental Protection approved in the past more than two years, the city to explore and implement green supply chain management, From the early planning and policy design to the demonstration of key industries and enterprises today, we are pushing forward the green supply chain step by step and have achieved very solid achievements.


Recently, there has been new progress on policy design green supply chain management, the State Council recently issued the "Guidelines on supply chain innovation and actively promote the" to encourage the procurement of green products and services, and actively support the green industry. Domestic industry in the promising field of green From this perspective, those who advocate green supply chain of home business, walk in the forefront of the industry; those pilot on "green manufacturing" and "green development", is boosting Chinese manufacturing Flex its muscles on the world stage.


Economic benefits - to enjoy the best resources to expand the product market


The current enterprises not only focus on competitiveness but also pay attention to their own social image, why these companies take the initiative to propose a green supply chain? Take the initiative to promote the entire set of effective environmental management measures? Just to establish the corporate social image? In fact, for enterprises, green supply chain management is not a mandatory implementation of the environmental protection strategy, which can be consistent with the economic interests of enterprises, is an effective means to obtain economic efficiency. Green supply chain to avoid waste of resources, enhance corporate social responsibility, to bring a good business reputation and green product brand image, expand the product market. Savings in the production of raw materials reduce the life-cycle cost of the product, and ultimately, consumers can get safer, greener products at a lower price. On the other hand, the overall beautification of the work environment of employees, improve work safety, improve the health of employees, help to improve the subjective initiative and efficiency of employees in order to create greater profits, add invisible for the enterprise assets.


Social Benefits - Promoting Environmental Protection and Promoting Green Achievement

Enterprises that implement green supply chain management can not only meet the environmental standards more easily, but also promote environmental compliance of other enterprises in the supply chain with significant social benefits. These enterprises establish dialogue with the enterprises of all supply chain nodes, and the resulting resources are the best in the supply chain system. The achievements made in the production green upstream of the supply chain can be magnified in the subsequent process of the supply chain. Green supply chain through the establishment of long-term member cooperation to achieve both commercial profit and environmental protection purposes. Companies in the forefront of the green supply chain in China are working closely with Alibaba Group to promote green logistics through green packaging, green transportation and green storage. Many European industrialized countries have created environmental legislation that allows manufacturers to take responsibility for the reverse logistics of their products, including the disposal of used and industrial waste. In addition, some global companies, such as IBM and Xerox Corporation, integrate suppliers and wholesalers to improve design and manufacturing processes to improve product reusability and promote green supply chain.

Green supply chain is a very important carrier to promote green development. As a new management measure, green supply chain can effectively promote green transformation of industry and promote green production by encouraging environmental compliance of upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain. We have reason to believe that starting from the Dongguan index, we can find out more demonstration enterprises advocating green supply chain so that more and more home enterprises can join the management of green supply chain. The green production and green manufacturing in home industry Upgrade to a new height, and even be able to further promote the advanced experience and advanced enterprises in the green home industry to the world.

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