What Are The Common Hardware Of The Kitchen Cabinet?

- Jul 26, 2018 -

What are the Common Hardware of the Kitchen Cabinet?

The hinge is also known as the "hinge", which is responsible for connecting the cabinet and the door panel.

The hinges on the market are basically detachable, with two parts, the base and the buckle, which are convenient for replacement.

Because it has to withstand 10 times or even 20 times of opening and closing times every day, and also bear the weight of the door panel, the hinge can be said to be the most important hardware. If there is no "steel iron", it is very difficult to shoulder this responsibility.

Regarding the material of the hinge, the most common type on the market is cold rolled steel. Compared with the inferior hinges welded by thin iron sheets, the hinges of cold-rolled steel can be stamped at one time, and the surface is smooth and thick, which is not easy to rust. It is also durable and has a strong load-bearing capacity.

However, it is not enough to have a reinforced iron bone, and the excellent hinges must have perfect flexibility.

Because most of the hanging cabinet doors have a hinge angle of more than 90 degrees, this can prevent people from standing on the countertop and putting their shoulders on the cabinet.

Drawer rails The cabinets usually contain drawers. The drawers are definitely a perfect storage container. Not only do you put a lot of things, the key is to take things very conveniently.

The choice of drawers mainly depends on the type of guide rails. Nowadays, the common ones on the market are: side slide rails (two/three-section rails), bottom rails, horse riding and so on.

1 side rail (two / three rail)

The side rails, as the name suggests, are the rails mounted on the side of the drawer. The rails can be seen directly from the side, and the appearance is not high.

The difference between the two-section rail and the three-section rail lies in the number of sections of the rail and the sliding distance.

The two-section rail consists of a fixed rail and a movable rail, while the three-section rail has one more intermediate rail. Therefore, the two-section drawer can only pull out more than half of the core, and the three-section guide can pull out all the cores.

Three-section rail

The side rails on the market today are generally three-section rails. The three-section rail has poor bearing capacity and is generally used for wardrobes.

2 bottom rail

The bottom rail is also called the "concealed rail". The rail is fixed to the side panel of the cabinet during installation, and the bottom is installed at the bottom of the core. After the installation is completed, the rails are not visible on the outside, which is more beautiful.

The bottom rail is preferably selected to have a damping cushioning effect, and its load-bearing capacity is stronger than that of the side rail.

The basket is mostly used for cabinets.

On the countertop, pots and pans, ovens, microwave ovens, and various condiments... The messy cabinets make the kitchen less powerful.

1 corner pull basket

Because the general cabinets do L-shaped, U-shaped layout, it is inevitable that there will be two planes intersecting. In order to prevent the space at the corner from being abandoned, it is a good choice to install a corner basket.

The corner pull basket is supported by the side panels of the cabinet to achieve a wide angle of opening and closing. You can maximize the built-in space at the corners.

The corner basket generally has 180 degrees of rotation, 270 degrees of rotation and damping linkage. The basket of the corresponding rotation range should be selected according to the specific situation.

2 seasoning basket

Condiments are generally the "culprits" of the dirty countertops. And a seasoning basket can make the knives and all kinds of condiments go their own, which is both hygienic and clear.

The seasoning baskets are generally drawn and ergonomic, which is especially convenient for the removal and storage of cutlery and seasoning.

3 pot bowl pull basket

The bowl and basket pull baskets generally have the position of pots, rice bowls, dishes, etc., and a separate water tray is placed under each layer of the basket. After the daily pots and dishes are cleaned, the water can be left to leak directly. The water tray can effectively avoid the secondary pollution of the tableware, and can also prevent the water from being repeatedly applied to the basket to cause damage to the surface.

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