Upgrade The Appearance And Quality, Stainless Steel Cabinets Personality Struck

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Upgrade the appearance and quality,  Stainless steel cabinets personality struck

With a variety of technical difficulties to overcome, stainless steel cabinets changed the past monotonous, cold image, the old appearance for a new look, re-swept the Quanzhou market. As early as seven or eight years ago, the cabinet on the characteristics of waterproof moisture, Quanzhou consumers favor. The stainless steel cabinet comeback, in addition to its waterproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, environmental protection and other advantages, as well as the improvement of process quality, making the stainless steel surface can be processed into wood, cloth and other texture, making its product style more diverse Personalized.

Style more personalized stainless steel cabinets lead attention

In Quanzhou, stainless steel cabinets have quietly settled in supermarkets or stores. Like Xiyingmen Square within the Fa Diao area display a variety of American country, European, pastoral, modern, simple and other styles of stainless steel cabinet as a whole sample, in addition to cool and stylish style, as well as steel and wood combine new products, suitable Different owners need renovation. At the same time, product design mostly simple straight lines, horizontal and vertical, reducing unnecessary decorative lines, thereby creating a sense of open space, revealed a strong post-modern features.

Today, stainless steel cabinets have shaved off their former cold, monotonous feel, not only in colorful but rich wood grain stainless steel cabinets. Wood grain stainless steel cabinets realistic surface texture, if not introduced by the Purchasing Guide, a look at the past, you may not be able to tell the traces of stainless steel. In addition to wood, there are stone, cloth, striae and other texture to choose from, you can according to home decoration style, choose the perfect match with the product. Insiders said that through the different colors and textures, nowadays, there are tens of thousands of possible appearance of stainless steel cabinets.

"This is a new wave of stainless steel cabinets in Europe and the United States higher awareness, almost 90% of Germany's home kitchen with stainless steel cabinets, but in China, stainless steel home overall cabinet has just begun." Fa Diao sales staff said. Stainless steel cabinets have their own advantages in terms of functional use, health and environmental protection, etc. In addition to the excellence of functional quality, stainless steel cabinets continuously meet the needs of people's visual senses and spiritual levels from the design.

Further enhance the quality will be among the mainstream categories

Solid wood cabinets have long been favored by high-end consumer groups, but the solid wood used to make cabinets, old wood non-growing more than a decade can not, but with the global timber resources more scarce, you want to buy can be used The timber that makes cabinets is getting harder and harder. Therefore, as long as the solution to the appearance, texture and other issues, coupled with cheap, stainless steel cabinets in the future will become a better alternative, but also more market competitiveness.

"There are currently four main types of cabinet panels in China: double-faced fire board, plastic PVC pressure-resisting panel on the surface, paint panel, solid wood board, etc. With the continuous improvement of the color, quality and perception of the stainless steel cabinet panel, Waterproof, moisture and other incurable diseases of stainless steel cabinets, cabinets will likely become the fifth largest category. "Xiyingmen building materials related official said the cabinet market a year more than 100 billion yuan market share in China's current stainless steel Cabinets market is still in its infancy, only tapped a few percent. For many cabinet companies, this is a market to be discovered.

Insiders said that with the pursuit of stylized kitchen, stainless steel cabinets will be the modern fashion avant-garde feel young people love in the market exclusive. At the same time, with the further enhancement of people's environmental protection awareness, the color and quality of stainless steel cabinets will be further enhanced. In the future, stainless steel cabinets can become the mainstream trend and benchmark for the development of cabinets, and the market has great potential.

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