This Custom Cabinets Make The Kitchen Easier To Store

- Feb 16, 2018 -

In most small size rooms, the kitchen area is not large. However, the kitchen has always been home storage area, pots and pans and other miscellaneous small objects, coupled with rice cookers, electric ovens, microwave ovens, etc., if not properly accommodated, the kitchen becomes messy. If you want to cook no longer in a hurry, kitchen supplies will no longer place now, according to the kitchen space and the user's operating custom to a cabinet is very necessary, it allows the kitchen a new look, clean and comfortable.

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Custom cabinets to meet the individual needs of users

When it comes to custom cabinets, many people think of self-made cabinets. Self-made cabinets is their own money to buy materials, please make a few carpenter master. However, carpenters often have their own mode of several cabinets. These models usually can no longer meet the people's demand for cabinets, the use of functional zoning is not clear, a serious lack of storage space, start eating to rush. The original choice of self-made cabinets is hope that according to their own preferences and needs to make, but because of the level of technology restrictions that can not do that can not be done, and finally can only have been spent, it is impossible to spend a lot of money and so long If you do not want to say no, even if not, the carpenter's wages are still paid. Homemade cabinets are often in the hands of the master after the handover of products and workmanship has been completely over the partnership, which means that the product in the course of any problems after use can only find their own solutions, and due to informal manufacturers produce a lot of hardware accessories It is difficult to find the right size, maintenance will have a certain degree of difficulty. Many people choose to make their own cabinets because the high-end custom cabinets are too expensive, it is better to go to the building materials market to buy the same material and then carpentry, but ignored in the process may buy the material costs, transportation costs, plus carpentry Master's salary has far exceeded the price of custom cabinets.

Custom cabinets emphasize personalized, tailor-made, not only to solve the shortcomings in the kitchen units, but also maximize the use of interior space, the product is more suitable for different needs of users. Custom cabinets, the user's needs and ideas directly reflected in the product design, cabinet designers can be based on user needs, tailored to the user's home style, according to the user's kitchen area to design and make full use of the kitchen every inch space. Not only that, but also based on the user's habits design layout of the functional area, allowing users to use more convenient and comfortable.

Reasonable arrangement of cabinet space

Cabinets in the kitchen to undertake an important storage function, but also an important cooking platform, so it is important to rationalize the size and layout cabinets.

In the cabinet design, the size of the cupboard cabinet size and size of the sink has a relationship. From the ergonomic point of view, cabinets cabinet size should be controlled within the height of 780 mm, the tank size control in the range of 470 mm × 880 mm can be. The size of cabinets hanging cabinets and daily habits there is a certain correlation, if the cabinet is used to open the door around the way, then the width of the standard cabinet size should be about the width of the cabinet size standard can be, if it is customary turn the door open, then The size of the standard cabinet to reach the minimum 500 mm, the maximum is 1000 mm range can be, but if the cabinet material is not good, in the process of turning the door prone to deformation. Cabinet door size range of 200 mm to 600 mm can be. Cabinets cabinet door size control in the range of 500 mm to 700 mm can be. Cabinets drawers greatly enhance the cabinet storage capacity, the size of the drawer control in 300 mm to 1000 mm can be, you need to use invisible slide or riding pumping. If the drawer is a small drawer with a size of 300 mm to 700 mm, the cabinet drawer uses an ordinary three-section slide. Cabinet countertops often come into contact with all kinds of ingredients, an important place for spices, cabinet countertops less than the choice of good quality, healthy and environmentally friendly, but also to choose the most appropriate size. Common product cabinets countertops width of not less than 900 mm × 460 mm.

To make the size of the kitchen items neatly placed and placed, you need to plan a reasonable cabinet space. If the kitchen area is small, consider a custom built-in storage cabinet as a tableware storage area that saves space and is beautiful. L-shaped, U-shaped cabinet corner is difficult to be utilized. You can use the corner splicing storage drawer corner space to make full use of them. Various lengths of soup spoons, spatulas, jaws and chopsticks are not always available in the home, and the use of an elongated drawer storage cabinet solves this problem. Cabinets sewer where only the sewer. In fact, this empty area can be a square cabinet, very practical. Garbage in the kitchen is almost daily, and sometimes when you go out for too long, the trash will forget to be drained, and when you get home, you will smell. Cabinets can be designed drawer-type trash can be a good way to avoid this embarrassment. Home pots and pans and more, you can draw in a cabinets drawer-style cabinets, decoction soup readily available, but also to avoid fumes

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