There Are Many Ways To Customize The Cabinet Installation Method For You To Choose From

- Feb 16, 2018 -

Beautiful appearance stylish kitchen cabinet design is now an absolutely indispensable part of the design. Good cabinet is also an art crafts, both the efficient use of performance, but also have a perfect design appearance, showing the user a stunning visual effects, custom cabinets installation is the combination of aesthetics and practicality, then How to design exquisite cabinet decoration design? Mainly depends on the correct cabinet installation method, starting from the details, learned the essence of the cabinet design and installation.

There are many ways to customize the cabinet installation method for you to choose from

What is the floor to floor cabinet is installed on the ground on the cabinet, floor cabinet installation is part of the entire cabinet installation, in order to maintain the aesthetics of cabinet installation, the need to clean the ground, clean, so not only conducive to the cabinet The overall appearance, and to ensure that the accuracy of the measurement of the ground scale, if the measurement cabinet size and the overall cabinet size does not match, it will inevitably lead to a small part of the cabinet connection is not perfect, can not be balanced.

So how to ensure the integrity of the installation of ground cabinets it? Installation of construction workers from the walls, floors, and kitchen basic structure of these three aspects of careful measurement, integration, design and design cabinets installation drawings.

Custom Cabinet Installation - Make sure the cabinet is tight

The installation of the cabinet is an integral project not only to ensure the aesthetics and practicality of the entire cabinet but also to ensure the tightness between each cabinet and to provide first class and independent storage functions between each cabinet , For the housewives to provide a perfect storage device.

Custom cabinet installation method - choose the ceiling cabinet installation location

Ceiling is the top of the top cabinet installation facilities, installation of hanging cabinet, according to the specific size of the cabinet to measure the vertical line between the two, so to ensure the degree of integration between them, the location of the cabinet to choose the general cabinet Just above, and to determine the height of the ceiling is not based on the size of the kitchen space, mainly based on the user's height design, so as to ensure the cabinet's ease of use performance.

Custom cabinet installation method - countertops designed to be durable

Cabinet installation, the installation of countertops is also very important, how to make table design beautiful, has a very superior load-bearing capacity? First of all need to select the countertops materials, such as marble, or artificial stone, hard material, durability, load-bearing performance . The second is the need to pay attention to the best distance between the table and cabinet design.

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