The Types Of Kitchen Cabinets Door Panel

- Apr 17, 2018 -

The Types Of Kitchen Cabinets Door Panel

1. Solid wood type: generally in the solid wood surface to make concave and convex shapes, paint, solid wood cabinets are more expensive, more classical style.

2. Fire board type: is the main material of the whole kitchen cabinet. The substrate is a particle board or a density board, and the surface is decorated with a fireproof board. Fire board is currently used most. Waterproof, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, fireproof and other aspects of performance, in a variety of panel materials in the leading position, the only drawback is that can not do three-dimensional modeling, VIA Asia is the first brand of fire-resistant panels, certain conditions must be adopted.

3. Blister type: The base material is a density plate, the surface is vacuum-plasticized or a seamless PVC film compression molding process is adopted. Waterproof, wearable and fireproof can be worse than the above two kinds, but the price is relatively low, you can do three-dimensional modeling, no edge sealing, processing is also convenient, especially the small cabinet factory is best to use it, other boards afraid of them.

4. Paint type: the substrate is a density board, the surface of high temperature baked. The cabinets made by the baking paint process are very beautiful and gorgeous, but they require a high level of craftsmanship. If they are not, they will be easily discolored. They must be carefully guarded during use, and they must not be knocked or scratched.

5. Melamine cyanide plate type: It is a better material, waterproof and abrasion resistance.

6. Crystal panel: It is not good, it is plexiglass in fact, the wear resistance is bad.

7. Metal foil panels are also not very good, this thing is not wearable.

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