The Tips Of Kitchen Cabinets Design

- Sep 06, 2018 -

The Tips of Kitchen Cabinets Design

1. The range hood and the cooker should not be close to the side wall to avoid collision with the wall at the edge of the pot;

2. When we design the kitchen cabinet, the side of the kitchen cabinet against the wall must pay attention to the protrusion of the door line, so that the opening and closing of the door and drawer will not be affected; for example, the kitchen cabinet has the location of the refrigerator, avoiding avoidance The effect opens the door.

3, the kitchen cabinet sink and stove need to retain a certain space, preferably designed to be more than 800 cm, but can not be designed too far, otherwise it is more troublesome to go back and forth, the kitchen cabinets designed not only look good but also easy to use, the specific size needs to be based Depending on the space situation.

4. When designing the kitchen cabinet, you need to pay attention to the position of the water inlet and outlet. The height of the water supply pipe should not be less than 400 mm. It is convenient to connect the faucet and other products. The height of the sewer pipe should not exceed 100 mm or not less than 200 mm. When you are in the kitchen cabinet, you need to minimize the movement of the kitchen cabinet.

5. The net size of the side panels of the chamfering kitchen cabinet or the shallow kitchen cabinet shall not be less than 60MM, so as not to affect the installation of the hinge base.

6. If the customer's home kitchen cabinet is equipped with a European-style range hood, it is best not to design the kitchen cabinet and the shelf. If it is a Chinese-style range hood, it is best to design the kitchen cabinet to be turned upside down, and the height of the door panel should be extended by more than 5cm. The bottom plate is changed to the front and rear bars.

7. Because the sink kitchen cabinet is most frequently in contact with water, the grid door design can be used to increase the permeability of the kitchen cabinet, solve the humidity problem in the kitchen, and improve the practical life of the whole kitchen cabinet.

8. The traditional hanging kitchen cabinet adopts the flat pull type. When the kitchen cabinet door is opened, it takes up space and affects the normal cooking operation. If it is slightly careless, it may hit the kitchen cabinet door, and the upper hanging kitchen cabinet solves this problem. Finding things in the wall kitchen cabinet is much more convenient than before.

9, the kitchen cabinet lower kitchen cabinet process is the side of the bottom, the front and rear top strip structure without roof, the top strip 70mm, the rear top strip vertical installation, the pull function front part of the top strip flat, the front door front panel vertical installation, the back panel slotted Installed, the back plate is 20mm away from the trailing edge of the side plate;

10. The exposed part of the kitchen cabinet shall be treated with decorative sealing board according to the customer's needs. If there is no special explanation, the decorative board shall be sealed with edges instead of edging;

11. Insert the movable door of the kitchen cabinet to be installed on the 100mm wide fixed door panel, and install it with the special-shaped hinge. The other fixed parts of the inserted part are unified with the white box board;

12. The disinfection kitchen cabinet is the side plates, and the side plates on both sides of the stove kitchen cabinet are grooved versions, and the grooves are completed at the factory;

13. The bottom plate of the sink kitchen cabinet is made of aluminum film all-inclusive structure and completed in the factory;

14. The color change of the side panel of the microwave oven kitchen cabinet is 780mm, the upper door is 380mm, the opening height is 400mm, the bottom plate is extended to 400mm, and the rounding is r=50mm. The side panels of the microwave oven kitchen cabinets of the lacquered panels are not color-changable and must be decorated with decorative panels.

15. Shaped kitchen cabinet refers to a kitchen cabinet with a chamfered or curved shape. Under the limited standard height and width, the kitchen cabinet is not considered to be a special kitchen cabinet;

16. Chimney-type stripping must pay special attention to the exhaust duct to pass through the ceiling. The power supply position is located in the center of the hood (about 2.1m in height). In principle, the slab cannot be designed at the head and neck.

17. Gas switches, power supplies and spare power outlets shall be marked on the elevation and shall be free of accessories such as ovens and gas burners. When there is a basket in the kitchen cabinet, the height of the switch is controlled at about 700mm, and the height of the standby power socket is 1100mm.

18. The inner diameter of the embedded oven and disinfection kitchen cabinet is chaotic. Some buckles protrude and some screw heads protrude. When designing the width of the kitchen cabinet, pay more attention to avoid mistakes.

19. Do not open the shelf under the left and right kitchen cabinets of the range hood, because the heat of the gas is easy to deform the sheet.

20. The water heater kitchen cabinet must take into account the heat dissipation and maintenance factors, and must be avoided in the corner kitchen cabinet. Water heater kitchen cabinets and gas meter kitchen cabinets do not have a back panel and should be explained to the customer in advance.

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