The Style Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 27, 2018 -

The Style of Kitchen Cabinets

Tall kitchen with “1” type of kitchen cabinets

Long and narrow kitchens are more common, generally longer in length and about 1 meter 5 in width. This kind of kitchen is more suitable for “1” type of cabinet, that is, to make the cabinet full of a wall, you can choose to leave a position for the refrigerator or place the refrigerator in a corner Everything will work. Many people think that the narrow kitchen can also be made into L-shaped kitchen cabinets, put the corner position on the stove or pool, where we recommend the pool is better, if allowed, but not recommended stove, because it will increase you The cleaning of the kitchen requires cleaning on both sides of the wall after each meal.

Rectangular kitchen with L-shaped kitchen cabinets

Rectangular kitchens are kitchens that are a little deeper than narrow kitchens. To maximize the use of this type of flat, we do not recommend a type of cabinet, and L-type kitchen cabinets will be more practical and can fully solve the problem of low space utilization at corners. Ah, the layout is more flexible and changeable.

Square large kitchen with U-shaped kitchen cabinets

If your kitchen is big enough, actually designing depends on your own wishes. However, here I would like to tell you that the most reasonable design is U-shaped cupboards. U-shaped cupboards have high space utilization. Wet separation is more thorough, and the storage space is very good, can accommodate more people in the kitchen.

The most reasonable cabinet function distribution: refrigerator + stove + sink

Having done cabinet design knows that triangle workspace is a typical case of cabinet design. No matter how big your kitchen is, these three functions are put together in a triangle to maximize your efficiency in the kitchen. Generally, it will be The refrigerator is placed at the entrance of the door, beside the sink next to the sink, the triangle is on the opposite side of the stove, so that the sink is close to the stove, easy to handle the ingredients, the stove is farther in the refrigerator, and by the door, access will not affect the convenience People with rice.


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