The Stainless Steel & Marble Kitchen Cabinets Countertops

- Dec 06, 2018 -

The Stainless Steel & Marble Kitchen Cabinets Countertops

There are so many kinds of materials on the counter top, how should we choose! The kitchen cabinet countertops of the kitchen cabinets should be considered a very important item, and the cost of the kitchen cabinet countertops in the entire kitchen cabinet is also very high. Today, we look at the various characteristics of the various materials on the kitchen cabinet countertop of the kitchen cabinet. We can choose the kitchen cabinet countertop stone that suits us from our own direction.

First, stainless steel kitchen cabinet countertops

Stainless steel kitchen cabinet countertops are a long-standing kitchen cabinet countertop practice and have long been considered a popular practice. Relatives and friends came to the house to see the new stainless steel kitchen cabinet countertops, which would boast. Stainless steel kitchen cabinet countertops have a long service life, are not easy to fade and are not easy to be old, easy to clean, contaminated with oil stains, and can be washed directly with water. After a long time, brush with a brush will be as new as ever. The appearance is also high, and the environmental protection is strong. After the stainless steel panel is treated, there is no radiation and no harmful substances exist. The cost is high or low according to the thickness of stainless steel, and the price is about 300-500 yuan per metre.

Second, marble kitchen cabinet countertops

Marble is synonymous with high-end design in modern decoration and has been widely used. kitchen cabinet countertops are no exception. Most people also choose marble with beautiful texture. Because of its high hardness, marble has a long service life and can be kept free from deformation for a long time. Marble is easy to clean, waterproof and aesthetically pleasing, and a variety of patterns are available on the market. The high-cold jazz white, the quiet black gold flower, and the classic Shaanna beige are all classic stones that have been used many times. However, marble also has defects. The radioactivity of marble has always been a hot topic of discussion. However, with the development of science and technology, standard products that meet environmental protection requirements have already reached the level of radioactivity. The price of marble varies with the color, and the price fluctuates greatly. From two to three hundred square meters to several thousand yuan per square meter, the market exists.

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