The Sink Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 25, 2018 -

The Sink of Kitchen Cabinets

1, single slot

[Advantages] The single tank is generally large in volume and practical. This means you can easily soak or rinse large pans and wash large amounts of food. It is recommended that the single groove depth be better than 18 cm so that splashes can be prevented.

[Disadvantages] The single tank can only wash different types of kitchen utensils at the same time, which puts high demands on the owner's cleaning ability. But this book believes that wit's friends must hold it.

2, size double slot

[Advantages] Give two sinks different cleaning functions. For example, large sinks can be used to clean dishes and small sinks can clean foods. Two sinks are used at the same time for convenience and flexibility.

[Disadvantages] Small sinks are difficult to clean large kitchen utensils.

3, double slot

[Advantage] Symmetrical double groove, full of design sense. Different cleaning tasks can be separated and performed simultaneously.

[Disadvantages] There is no room for a big pot. (The cauldron can only cry in the toilet!)

4, three slots (two big and one small)

[Advantages] It can simultaneously perform various functions such as soaking, washing, and storing. It can also separate raw and cooked foods, save time and effort, and is easy to use.

[Disadvantages] The three sinks take up more space.

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