The Selection Of Aluminum Alloy Kitchen Cabinets

- May 15, 2018 -

The Selection of Aluminum Alloy Kitchen Cabinets?

1. In the purchase of aluminum alloy kitchen cabinet doors, in addition to achieving environmental protection standards, the processing of aluminum alloy kitchen cabinet doormaterials should also pay equal attention. The lines on the surface should be even and smooth, and the veneers should be closely attached to the substrate to avoid the occurrence of edge-to-edge and deformation.

2. The kitchen cabinet will add a rubber strip around the door frame to slow down the impact caused by closing the door, and also to prevent water vapor and debris from entering the kitchen cabinet.

3. Accessories for the kitchen cabinet door is also very important, in the installation of key parts of the need to be embedded in the kitchen cabinet board embedded parts to prevent the hardware loose, fall off.

4. Due to the kitchen kitchen cabinet placed in the kitchen, the kitchen will accumulate a lot of oil, the corner of the kitchen cabinet inside the corner after installing a dust corner for easy daily cleaning, if not installed, a long time will leave a health corner, thereby increasing Clean difficulty.

5. But also pay attention to moisture problems, sink kitchen cabinet surface and floor should be added waterproof foil design, enhance the moisture-proof performance of the kitchen cabinet to prevent the kitchen cabinet from damp moldy, extend the life of the kitchen cabinet.

6. Observe the sliding rails of the kitchen cabinet drawer. If there are dimensional errors in the hole position and the plate, it will cause errors in the installation dimensions of the slide rails, which will cause the drawer to be pulled unsmoothly or left and right to loosen. Therefore, we must also purchase it. Observe this little detail.

7. In the implementation of low-carbon environmental protection today, practical and environmentally friendly aluminum kitchen cabinet is also the pursuit of many consumers. Many businesses will advocate product safety and environmental protection when they sell, and many manufacturers also have to cut corners. Therefore, when making purchases, consumers must conduct multi-faceted comparisons to avoid buying environmentally friendly, unpractical, and unsafe aluminum kitchen cabinets.

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