The Quality Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Jul 13, 2018 -

The Quality of Kitchen Cabinets

When selecting cabinets, many people may pay more attention to the appearance and size of the cabinets. If you have a little understanding of the cabinets, you may pay attention to the quality and environmental protection of the cabinets. In addition to these, the accessories and details of the cabinets are also very important. Do not damage the overall effect of the cabinet due to small details. Let's take a look at these gadgets that cannot be ignored.

Cabinet body detail inspection

In addition to the plate and countertop materials of the cabinet, the main body of the cabinet should also pay attention to the quality of the back panel. In addition to looking at the panel, the cabinet also depends on the process.

E1 box: Generally speaking, the environmental protection index of E1 level can be called environmental protection board. Therefore, for cabinets, E1 grade board is generally used as the box body. If E0 grade board is used, it does not contain green anti-corrosion. Agents and adhesives, slightly tough and moisture-proof, are used to make cabinets less durable.

Back panel: In addition to the outside of the box, many people will ignore the back panel of the cabinet, which is the same material used for the back panel and the cabinet. In fact, most manufacturers use single-sided stickers in the middle of the board or Polaroid board as the backboard, when choosing, you should choose the cabinet with double-sided pasteboard.

Cabinet edge detail check

For the edge details of the cabinet, it is often the most overlooked by consumers, such as edge banding, hole plugs, anti-collision strips, etc.

Edge sealing: the closure of the cabinet needs to be matched with the hot melt glue, and is finished by the edge banding machine. The correct side plate sealing method is that the side plates are sealed on all four sides, and the thickness is more than 1 mm.

Hole plug: The upper part of the inner cabinet of the cabinet has a row of drilling positions. When installing, it is necessary to add a vacant plug. Otherwise, even if the board meets the E1 grade, formaldehyde will leak out. Therefore, in addition to the beauty of the hole plug In addition to the role, it can also effectively prevent the release of formaldehyde.

Anti-collision strip: When the cabinet is installed, the anti-collision strip and the edge strip should be installed together, which not only can slow down the impact of the door panel, but also has the effect of eliminating noise, enhancing the sealing property of the cabinet board and preventing the board from being damp and deformed.

Cabinet metal fitting inspection

In addition to the details of the cabinet and the edge of the cabinet, the cabinet hardware can not be ignored. The hardware accessories affect the use effect and life of the cabinet, so it cannot be ignored because it is not the main part.

Hinges and dampers: When the cabinet door is opened and closed, various noises are often emitted. To reduce the effects of these noises, hinges and dampers play an important role.

BLUM hinges and hinge dampers are installed on the cabinet to effectively prevent the noise generated by the collision with the cabinet when the door panel is closed, reduce the rebound speed of the door panel, and increase the service life of the door panel.

Metal flexible architecture: After a period of use of the cabinet, some consumers will react to the cracking of the countertop. When purchasing and installing, it is possible to use a metal flexible structure under the artificial stone countertop instead of the common wooden structure.

The hardness and durability of the metal are better than the wood, which can extend the use time of the table top, and the special connection of the lower track and the lock card to prevent deformation and cracking of the table top.

Metal drawers: Many cabinets now use metal drawers because they are less environmentally friendly and have less moisture resistance and durability. Consider using aluminum drawers, the main body is not plasticized, such drawers not only extend the use of drawers, but also make the aluminum drawers lighter to use.

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