The Problems Of Kitchen Cabinets You Need To Pay Attention

- May 22, 2018 -

The Problems of Kitchen Cabinets You Need to Pay Attention

1, pay attention to the appearance and ignore the hardware quality

According to statistics, due to the hardware issues caused by cabinets, the proportion of other issues is far higher than that of the others, ranking first.

Many major manufacturers of large-brand cabinets, hardware prices are calculated separately. When buying a cabinet, if the merchant's product price is included in the hardware price.

Need to pay special attention to quality issues, such as hardware brands, materials, warranty period, etc., to avoid small losses. 


2, the kitchen cabinet material should be damp-proof, the table should be durable

Cabinets and countertops are important components of kitchen cabinets, especially kitchen cabinets below the sink. After a period of use, problems such as water leakage, mildew, and deformation will easily occur.

There are also countertops, because the use of large ambient temperature changes, cracking, discoloration and other issues can easily occur.

This kind of situation ranks second in the most likely problems of kitchen cabinets. The reason is that everyone pays less attention to the quality of this part when buying kitchen cabinets, which makes the merchants have an opportunity.

Detailed information about each part, remember to check after installation

When buying kitchen cabinets, it is advisable to look at a few more brands and do a horizontal comparison. Not only to pay attention to the appearance, but also to feel the quality of the hardware, push and pull the sample kitchen cabinet, feel about whether there is damping, ask the kitchen cabinet, hardware and countertop material types.

Some parts of the kitchen cabinets are separately covered. For example, the warranty period for hardware and kitchen cabinets is different.

The basic requirement is that kitchen cabinets should be protected against moisture and fire, and the countertops should withstand temperature changes, facilitate scrubbing, and have no penetration. In addition, at the time of installation, the materials should be checked clearly after they arrive at the site to see if they are the same as the sample kitchen cabinets, and whether the warranty period of the contract meets the sales staff's statement. 


3, from the warranty quality

When buying a kitchen cabinet, be sure to remember asking the merchant for the warranty period. It can be seen from the quality problems that kitchen cabinets that consumers respond to are prone to appearing. Almost all problems are difficult to detect at the time of purchase or early use. After two years of use, various problems arose.

If the warranty period for a brand is only two years, it is difficult to solve the problem through the warranty after the warranty period expires. The warranty period of the famous brand of the industry is mostly as high as five years. Confidence.

The difference between good and bad kitchen cabinet materials is mainly reflected in the material of kitchen cabinet panels and door panels. Xiao Bian suggested that the selection of kitchen cabinets must pay attention to detail quality.


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