The Overall Kitchen Design Style

- Apr 08, 2018 -

The overall kitchen design style

Cabinet to some extent, affect the way people live, reflecting people's taste like. Development to the present, they also have a different style.

1.Minimalist style

Features: free, simple, practical

Simple style with straight lines, cold colours and excellent configuration to show off their personalities. Focus on color matching, from bright red, yellow and purple to bright colors such as blue, Green has been applications. Cooking in the kitchen is most afraid of overcrowding, and minimalist style Cabinet is simple and neat, clean, and basic configuration can be reasonable arrangements, with the objective of facilitating effect. Therefore, the current minimalist kitchens still occupy the mainstream in the market.


2.Classical style

Features: elegant, noble, dignified

First appeared in Europe, the practice of modern solid wood, plastic or painted door panel. This style of high-end products, mostly dominated by pure solid wood. Hard wood and implied a certainty, along the dynasty, the use of modern high-tech, unique ideas of the ancient and elegant silk an elegant classic Cabinet. Refinement of detail, combined with elegant colors, brought people into the distant in a nostalgic mood, creating a traditional, quaint atmosphere and the warmth of the kitchen.


3.Country style

Features: quiet, simple, broad

Country style kitchen with solid wood, and because it is more close to nature surrounded by material, such as pine, oak is the most classic. Moreover, the heavy use of solid wood panels and hardware parts and other modest materials. This style of representative dominated by European-style kitchens and American-style kitchen, European-style country style more delicate in appearance, color rich; American is even more simple, a large central island represent the owner attaches to kitchen life.


4.Avant-garde style

Features: contrast, personality, cool

No conventional deconstruction of space, bold and bright, contrasting color layout, couple hardness with softness the selection mix, all people seek to a kind of hyper-realistic balance in the cold. More highlights than a simple self, the individuality of the avant garde style fashion in hot pursuit of humanity. As a texture-rich Atlantic Ocean Blue Panel and the extensive use of aluminum-tone people have a sense of being on the ocean Stainless steels toughness out of ring-shaped Cabinet style, surpassing all previous kitchen concept with no end ring expresses a continuous, Center, and the essence of ergonomics.


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