The Notices For Custom Kitchen Cabinets

- May 22, 2018 -

The Notices for Custom Kitchen Cabinets

1, Kitchen cabinet shape customization

The shape is generally a font, L-type and island kitchen cabinets, generally determined according to the layout of the kitchen, L-type is more general, small-sized kitchen preferred, divided work areas between the two connected walls, you can get the ideal triangle.

2, material

The most popular kitchen cabinets countertops on the market today are painted, stainless steel, solid wood, marble, quartz, etc. These materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the quartz stone has a higher cost performance, but the cheaper countertop calcium carbonate ingredients More, easy to crack.

Cabinet doors also have composite acrylic, pure acrylic, etc. When choosing, according to the overall style and function of home decoration to determine their own, do not blindly believe that shopping guide.

3, the performance of hardware accessories

Hardware accessories are an important component of the kitchen cabinet, affecting the life and quality of the kitchen cabinet. General foreign kitchen cabinets will use the matching hardware, the quality is relatively good, the domestic kitchen cabinet will also inform the hardware accessories brand in the installation, it is best to provide a spare replacement.

4, Kitchen cabinet work problems

There are several points to note on the work:

A. The edge of the seal should be delicate and smooth. If it is not firm enough, formaldehyde gas may volatilize and the quality of the kitchen cabinet cannot be guaranteed.

B. Assembled with less adhesive, more environmentally friendly.

C. The back plate should also be double-sidedly sealed to prevent mildew and mildew.

D. The door panel should be smooth and free from bubbles, and it can be closed and opened smoothly.

E. The installation of the sink should be tight and minimize the gap.

5, let the manufacturer show test report

Kitchen cabinets as furniture products, the state expressly stipulates that a finished product inspection report is required to express the formaldehyde content, and a small number of manufacturers only provide raw material inspection reports, but the inspection should be based on finished products. Consumers can not only ask the merchants, but also check the authenticity information with the quality inspection department.

6, kitchen cabinet warranty issues

In general, the longer the warranty period, the higher the quality and workmanship requirements for kitchen cabinets. Before customizing the kitchen cabinets, you should understand the warranty period in advance to prevent future problems and maintenance.


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