The Meterial Of Kitchen Cabinets

- May 05, 2018 -

The Meterial Of Kitchen Cabinets

1): Blockboard, the wet performance of this board is better than particleboard and medium density board. Because it is natural wood, it is easy to tighten and assemble, and it is not easy to loosen. In view of the blockboard is made of wood strips. Therefore, the flatness of the surface is often poor, often "ribs block" for the kitchen cabinet board, visually high and low uneven feeling. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to be abandoned by the kitchen cabinet companies. Such as Blockboard to solve the shortcomings of unevenness, really the best choice.

2): Particleboard kitchen cabinets, the current production of particleboard and people's traditional concept of particleboard are essentially different. Due to the use of German machinery, the molecular shrinkage is closer. Therefore, it is completely load-bearing and is not easily deformed and bent. Particleboard is natural wood crushed into granules, pressed into a plate, its waterproof performance is better than the medium density board, is the main material used in cabinets cabinets.

3):Medium density fiberboard, medium density board is powdered and pressed to form. It has poor moisture resistance. Flatness is better, usually used for panel furniture and office furniture. Because the MDF is easy to loosen after being fastened, the strength after loosening is insufficient. Therefore, there is some truth in the use of kitchen cabinet companies that are not commonly used. Due to the good flatness of medium density, it is more suitable for door panels and countertop panels. When used in a box panel, it is subject to certain limitations during assembly and fastening.

The substrate material of the kitchen cabinet body is usually a moisture-proof particle board. Environmental protection, moisture resistance, strength, toughness, and internal bond strength have become the main indicators for measuring the quality of the substrate.

The kitchen cabinet plate is usually made of a special particle board for kitchen cabinets and a double-sided decoration made of melamine glue impregnated paper. With rich colors, good simulation, scratch resistance, environmental protection and other characteristics. The kitchen cabinet special-purpose particle board is a large-format plate made of special equipment under the action of certain temperature and pressure by adding special adhesives and auxiliary materials to the wood or non-wood plant raw material processed into a certain form of particles through special equipment. Its characteristics are environmental protection, large material size, smooth surface, high strength and toughness, and easy processing. It is a common material for kitchen cabinets. It is worth noting that due to the uneven levels of raw materials and technologies used by particleboard manufacturers, some low-grade products are not suitable for environmental performance and reworkability. The plate is solid and dense, holds strong nails, resists deformation, scratches, and moisture resistance. It is a good material for manufacturing high-end furniture and cabinets.

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