The Meterial Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 26, 2018 -

The meterial of kitchen cabinets

The cabinets of kitchen cabinets are generally made of density boards and multilayer boards, and the panels that are used as cabinets are worthy of different materials and prices.

At present, common cabinet doorboards have the following types: melamine board, molded board, baking board, solid wood patch (solid wood composite) and solid wood board.

Melamine board: The interior of the panel is a particle board. From the section it can be seen that the board is made of particles. The larger the price the smaller the particles. The particle board can't do the concave-convex shape of the surface, but the surface color and texture of the PVC film skin are more abundant, and the price is also more affordable.

Molded board: It is the mainstream of kitchen cabinet panels, and the surface can be made concave and convex. The door panel is a density board with a layer of film on the outside. It has a variety of shapes and stability. It is suitable for a simple or rustic kitchen, and the price is relatively cheap.

Solid wood composite panels: Profile can be seen in the multi-layer board + dark MDF compression on both sides, the surface is solid wood veneer.

Solid wood panel: Made from a single piece of plate, the texture is more real. Chinese and American kitchen cabinets are use dark wood panels.

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