The Meterial Of Kitchen Cabients Countertops

- Apr 26, 2018 -

The Meterial of kitchen cabients countertops

1. stone kitchen cabients countertops

Nowadays, the vast majority of countertops in the whole cabinet should be made of quartz, which has many obvious advantages. At present, it is the mainstream.

Advantages: quartz's Mohs hardness is very high, not afraid of sharp objects scratch; acid and alkali resistant high temperature, burned pot directly put no problem; non-toxic radiation, safe and durable; there are many colors, texture effects can be done, Yan The value is easy to match with cabinets.

Disadvantages: To say that the quartz stone has its shortcomings, such as joints is difficult to achieve "seamless", the same reason, if the front of the table if you want to do after the weather, then the appearance will be inferior to composite acrylic table.

2, composite acrylic kitchen cabients countertops

A few years ago it was the most popular material of countertops. The advantage is that it is more delicate than stone, and it is jade, but it is inferior to quartz in terms of hardness, high temperature resistance, seepage, etc., so these years are gradually replaced by quartz stone countertops.

3, natural marble

The physical properties of marble also have insufficient hardness and there are many small pores on the surface that are invisible to the naked eye and are easily contaminated. Therefore, in view of the comprehensive physical properties and cost, quartz stone is still suitable for kitchen countertops in artificial and natural stone.

4, stainless steel kitchen cabients countertops

Stainless steel countertops have more obvious advantages and disadvantages, leading people like to like very much, and those who don’t like will not go for election.

Advantages: The advantages of stainless steel countertops are better than quartz stone and other materials, and the integration will be better. There will be no "seam" problem of quartz stone, and if you do "under counter basin technology", you can directly put stainless steel sinks and countertops. Welded together to achieve "integrity." It is very convenient to clean, never afraid of soy sauce, etc. will infiltrate the table, nor afraid of high temperatures.

Disadvantages: The disadvantages of stainless steel countertops are also obvious. They can scratch, and scratches can't be repaired. If stainless steel is embossed with surface ice, this problem will be alleviated. There is stainless steel material will make the kitchen looks like the hotel's kitchen, cold warm enough.

5, wooden kitchen cabients countertops

Advantages: The wooden countertop is a more niche material, the main advantage is that it can make the kitchen look more warm, and the face value is even higher, but there are still many concerns for families with high frequency of use of the kitchen and practical and practical. For example, wood is afraid of water, is afraid of fire, and has a lot of strength. Although the surface can be protected by varnish or other techniques, the probability of a problem will increase for a long time.

Disadvantages: In addition, the high density of solid wood timber, most of the expensive, do estimate it will be more expensive than stone and stainless steel, if the usual kitchen cooking more, then consider carefully.

6, tempered glass kitchen cabients countertops

Tempered glass countertops are usually very rare, but still some people choose it. Because the advantages are obvious, from a theoretical point of view, tempered glass is indeed a good material in terms of hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance, cleanliness, etc., stove with a lot of tempered glass, cabinet countertops can also be used naturally.

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