The Materials Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Nov 06, 2018 -

The Material of Kitchen Cabinets

Pay attention to safety, easy cleaning and moisture resistance when selecting materials.

(1) kitchen cabinet:

Substrate: The kitchen cabinet materials on the market a few days ago, commonly used are particle board, large core board, moisture-proof board, MDF board, plastic steel sheet.

1. Large core board (ie blockboard) kitchen cabinets: The large core board kitchen cabinets is made of fireproof board or other facing materials on both sides; due to high technical requirements. The quality problems that arise are blistering, moisture-prone, mildew, and high cost.

2. Particle board kitchen cabinets: Particle board kitchen cabinets is the same synthetic board. It has good environmental performance, poor nail holding power and poor moisture resistance.

3, moisture-proof board kitchen cabinets: processing a certain moisture-proof agent inside the particle board, strengthen its moisture resistance, suitable for the kitchen environment. Pay attention to the edge banding, high quality moisture-proof board kitchen cabinets is the ideal kitchen cabinet material.

4, MDF kitchen cabinets: also known as medium density fiberboard. Its moisture-proof performance is better than that of particle board, its nail holding power is good, its environmental protection performance is general, and its sealing requirements are high. Can only be used as a door substrate, not suitable for kitchen cabinet substrates.

5. Plastic steel plate kitchen cabinets: Plastic steel plate kitchen cabinets is a new type of material. It has the characteristics of good moisture resistance and good environmental performance, high cost and high installation requirements.

(2) Surface materials: fireproof board, plastic board, crystal board, baking board, solid wood board, tripolyhydrogen ammonia board, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.

1. Fireproof board kitchen cabinets: The fireproof board is resistant to high temperature, stain and easy to clean and easy to deform.

2, plastic plate kitchen cabinets: plastic plate is a 0.2-0.5 mm high-quality PVC sheet by high temperature and high pressure technology treatment attached to the MDF or other substrate. PVC film is divided into domestic film and imported film. Advantages: rich shape and color. Disadvantages: Not resistant to high temperatures.

3. Crystal plate kitchen cabinets: The 1.5-2 mm acrylic plate is colored and pasted on the MDF or other substrate, and then polished by edge sealing.

Advantages: good luminosity, flatness and luxury.

Disadvantages: Not resistant to high temperatures and easy to scratch.

4, baking varnish kitchen cabinets: the high-quality paint is sprayed on the high-density MDF substrate and then heated and baked to enhance the hardness and brightness of the paint. The best paint in the paint industry used by our company: Dabao paint. Advantages: good brightness, random shape, rich color, good moisture resistance, due to different technologies, the products produced by the products vary greatly. Disadvantages: the surface is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and has poor performance.

5, solid wood board kitchen cabinets: solid wood board is made of natural wood for splicing, modeling and baking paint. Advantages: antique, good environmental performance. Disadvantages: high water content, easy deformation and cracking.

6. Stainless steel kitchen cabinets: Stainless steel door panels are made by wrapping stainless steel sheets on various substrates through special technical treatment.

Advantages: easy to clean and practical.

Disadvantages: Gloss is easy to fade, no color change, not easy to repair.

(2) Countertop materials: stainless steel, natural stone, fireproof board, artificial stone.

Requirements: anti-seepage, heat-resistant, durable, not easy to damage, easy to clean, as much as possible, no seams, no dirt.

1. Stainless steel countertop kitchen cabinets: traditional raw materials, wrapped in stainless steel on the substrate to handle the seams. Advantages: easy to clean and practical. Disadvantages: no color change, not easy to repair, easy to change, difficult to splicing.

2. Natural stone kitchen cabinets: mainly granite. Advantages: beautiful, solid texture, rich colors, high temperature resistance and economical price. Disadvantages: there are capillary pores, easy entry of oil, limited processing length, difficult to handle seams, and poor environmental performance.

3. Fireproof countertop kitchen cabinets: The fireproof countertop is made by passing the tripolyhydrogen ammonia plate through high temperature and high pressure and pasting it on the substrate such as particleboard and MDF. Advantages: good fire performance and good wear resistance. Disadvantages: It can't be formed at one time, the interface is difficult to handle, easy to lift, poor repairability and poor environmental performance.

4, artificial stone countertops kitchen cabinets: high-quality resin, natural ore powder, high temperature, high pressure treatment of new materials.

Advantages: uniform texture, no pores, solid polymer plate, wear-resistant, acid-resistant, anti-stamping, color variety, anti-fouling, moisture-proof performance, can be processed at will.

Disadvantages: high temperature is easy to cause discoloration. Our company uses artificial stone countertops, including Ruiqi Ruijia Stone, DuPont Monterey Milan Stone, and Nordic impression. Foreign high-end countertops include DuPont Corian, Japanese Kura, and South Korea Samsung.

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