The Material Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Aug 27, 2018 -

The Material of Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet door material

1. Painted door panel: The paint door panel mainly refers to the door panel that has been treated by the baking process, but the main material of the door panel is still the medium density sheet. From the point of view of the use of materials, the price is definitely lower than the solid wood kitchen cabinet door, but the grade is higher than the fire board. This kind of kitchen cabinet door has the characteristics of single-sided and double-sided baking varnish. Generally, it is not recommended to paint on one side. This kind of kitchen cabinet door has poor moisture resistance and is easy to be deformed. The paint door is afraid of bumps and scratches. It is more troublesome to replace. If you want to choose the paint kitchen cabinet door, you should pay more attention to maintenance and do not collide frequently.

Ordinary plates are generally dried by a UV lacquer and dried by a UV curing machine, so that the surface of the plate looks bright and not discolored. However, this kind of baking treatment has high technical requirements, and some manufacturers will use UV baking paint, so if you are purchasing, you must have the sales person indicate in the contract for purchase.

2. Solid wood door panels: Most of the solid wood door panels are classical, returning to the original, after superb technical treatment, very grade, suitable for high-end decoration. The truly high-quality solid wood kitchen cabinet door panels are made of solid wood, close to nature, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. However, the production process of solid wood door panels in China has not yet reached the international level, and there are problems such as deformation, cracking, rough surface, and some are not all solid wood, and the price is expensive, which needs to be considered when purchasing.

3. Fireproof board: Fireproof board door is the most cost-effective kitchen cabinet door of many different materials, suitable for ordinary household use. The kitchen cabinet door of this material has the advantages of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, penetration resistance and easy care. Because the door panel of the kitchen cabinet is flat, it cannot create three-dimensional effects such as bumps and metal, and the fashion sense is slightly worse, which is more suitable for the kitchen cabinet. Appearance requirements are general, focusing on the decoration of practical functions. Consumers should pay attention to the origin and thickness of the board when purchasing the fireproof kitchen cabinet door. Because of the different areas of the plate, the quality is a big gap. It is generally the best in the United States, followed by South Korea and Japan.

kitchen cabinet hardware accessories purchase

Hardware accessories are also "main parts"

I believe that everyone does not want the drawer to suddenly pull open, or it touches the door of the kitchen cabinet and it falls. These are related to the hardware accessories of the kitchen cabinet, so it is necessary to put the quality off when purchasing: for example, the hinge needs to be difficult. Rusted, firm and strong, so that the weighing ability is strong, and there will be no serious situation.

In addition to the hinges, the last thing that is always in the hardware is the slide rails. It is about whether the drawers are opened and closed smoothly, and whether enough things can be stored. The method of detecting the quality of the slide rail is also simple: pull the drawer completely out, press the outer edge of the front side of the drawer by hand, and observe the forward tilt of the drawer from the side. The smaller the forward tilt, the stronger the load-bearing capacity of the drawer.

kitchen cabinet selection

If it is not a solid wood kitchen cabinet, the board that is generally used in the kitchen cabinet will mainly look at the moisture resistance, environmental protection and edge sealing technology of the board. If the edge-sealing process is done well, it can effectively prevent the water vapor from entering the plate itself, and has a certain effect on moisture prevention.

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