The Maintenance Of Solid Wood Custom Kitchen Cabinet

- Apr 16, 2018 -

The Maintenance of Solid Wood Custom Kitchen Cabinet

1. To avoid scratching hard objects, during daily use and cleaning, knife hardware tools such as this need to pay attention to put away to avoid bruising, so as not to damage the cabinet door panel surface paint film.

2. Avoid direct sunlight. Try to avoid direct sunlight or partial direct sunlight in the solid wood cabinets so as to avoid partial color changes and cracks in the door panels and affect the appearance. The curtain can be used to cover or install other curtains without affecting the lighting effect.

3. Attention to moisture, solid wood custom kitchen cabinets if long-term moisture impact on its life is very great, not only cause moldy cabinets to grow bacteria, but also can make the door edge Alice, deformation, cracking. If there is moisture in the door panel of the kitchen cabinets, it should be wiped in time. The dishes in the cabinet must be wiped dry in the pull basket hardware. If you catch up with the rainy weather, you can use the quick lime powder in the room with a small cloth bag or linen bag gauze bag, placed in the kitchen or cabinets everywhere, can absorb the moisture in the air (not too dry).

4. Clean the surface of the kitchen cabinets, avoid using chemical substances such as alcohol or gasoline when cleaning normally. Use warm water to infiltrate the soft cotton to wring dry water to wipe. You can also use the waste tea water to wipe. The tea contains weak alkali and can easily go out of the oil stains. But remember not to be too strong tea water, (you can also use a thin layer of wood wax after wiping clean, this can make the solid wood kitchen cabinets door more glossy, must use special wax for wood furniture, remember inferior wax).

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