The Maintenance Of Countertop

- Apr 02, 2018 -

The maintenance of countertop

Firstly, the countertop is often kept dry. Laminate countertop and HPL countertop avoid long - term soaking and prevent the countertop from tackless and deformation. Specially, avoiding the bleaching agent and incrustant to make the color of laminate countertop and HPL countertop  become shallow and affect the laminate countertop and HPL countertop appearance.


Secondly, do not allow excessive weight or sharp objects to hit the countertop directly. Oversize or overweight appliances can't be placed on countertop for a long time. Also, do not use hot water immediately after rinsing cold water.


Thirdly,owing to different reasons, there are more scratches on the countertop, or because the use time is longer (1 to 2 years). The countertop can be professionally handled by professional technicians.

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