The Layout Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Dec 29, 2018 -

The Layout of Kitchen Cabinets

The layout should be based on natural interactions (the above functional partitions are designed for right-handed habits), and the layout of the kitchen is limited by the building structure, but can be adjusted to meet the needs.

1. U-shaped of kitchen cabinets: reasonable moving line, high operating efficiency, washing, cutting, and frying can easily achieve triangular work, even if many people work together, they do not bother.

2. Island type of kitchen cabinets: second only to U-shaped kitchen, kitchen island is an excellent operating platform, which can meet multi-person collaboration. If the kitchen is small, it can be realized by using Nakajima stroller and bar counter;

3. G shape of kitchen cabinets: similar to U shape, can make rational use of space and improve efficiency;

4. Conformity of kitchen cabinets: non-ideal kitchen layout, put washing, cutting and frying on one side as much as possible to reduce the walking distance during operation;

5. L-shaped of kitchen cabinets: Common layout of semi-open kitchen with good lighting and vision. However, the operating distance is increased, and mobile devices such as kitchen islands can be used to make up for defects;

6. One-line shape of kitchen cabinets: common in apartments, the longest operating distance, reasonable use of wall hangings and wall kitchen cabinets, reducing operating distance and improving efficiency;

Second, the division of the kitchen "hot area"

In addition to planning the functional area, the same functional area of the kitchen cabinet will also have different heights of different frequencies. We are generally more accustomed to being closer to the body and easy to reach out. These areas can reduce the range of human movement. It also saves energy, which we call the "hot zone."

The countertop level is the most commonly used area, and almost all operations are completed here and are used continuously;

Based on the countertop, the upper and lower adjacent areas, such as the hanging kitchen cabinets and drawers, are auxiliary areas, which are convenient for picking up and dropping articles and reducing the pressure on the back and waist;

The area close to the ground and smallpox is a cold zone with the lowest usage rate and utilization, which requires squatting and using a foot pedal.

Therefore, when designing a set of kitchen cabinets, we should not only consider the reasonable layout of the functional area, but also make the movement track more reasonable, reduce the distance of walking back and forth, and also need to consider how each functional area will better meet the daily layout of the hot zone.

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