The Layout Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Jun 29, 2018 -

The Layout of Kitchen Cabinets

Slotted kitchen cabinet

The layout of the chevron cabinet is to place all electrical appliances and cabinets on one wall, so that kitchen operations will be performed on one line. This compact, narrow kitchen layout is suitable for families where only one person can cook in the kitchen. If using this layout in a large kitchen may not be appropriate, it may be adjusted to a double row of cabinets, which can make great use of the wall space.

L-shaped kitchen cabinet

L-shaped kitchen cabinets are also the most commonly used type of home. The washing area, preparation area and cooking area can be perfectly matched in a golden triangle area. If you feel the space is small, you can also do some multi-layer drawers under the console, add corner baskets at the corners, which will not only increase the space, but will not cause space waste.

U-shaped kitchen cabinet

The U-shaped kitchen cabinets resemble an L-shape, but they have more space requirements, at least a 2.4*2.4 kitchen space, and the center is at least 1.2 meters wide. The sink can be placed on the underside of the U-shape and the cooking area and cooking area can be placed on both sides to form a regular triangle. U-shaped kitchen function is integrated, preparation, operation and storage can be taken into account, so the limited area can not make it function effectively, so it is suitable for larger size or comparative kitchen.

Island Cabinet

The island kitchen has more countertops and storage space, making it easier for multiple people to work together in the kitchen. If necessary, the kitchen island can also be equipped with sink or oven/stove. Before the decision, check whether it is possible to connect the ducts, circuits and ventilation ducts of the kitchen island cooker hood and ensure that there is a countertop between the stove and the sink. This design requires a lot of kitchen space. There should be a minimum distance of 120cm between the cabinets and the kitchen island to ensure that there is enough space to walk around and doors and drawers open. The kitchen island can also be used as a serving, bar table or room divider.

Kitchen cabinet layout tips

1. Try not to stick a side wall with a group of cooking appliances to avoid the pot edge from colliding with the wall.

Second, the side of the cabinet must consider the external line of the door line to avoid the opening and closing of the door, drawer and basket.

3. There should be enough space between the sink and the cooker to use more than 800, but it should not be too far, making the back and forth between the operation.

4. The sink is placed under the window in order to keep the air dry and the sunshine bactericidal.

5. The position of the trash can be close to the console and the sink, which can be placed inside the cabinet and opened the door to throw away litter. Built in. However, many people are not used to it. It is also possible not to make a door and put a storage box under the countertop and put a trash can directly.

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